Kourtney Kardashian has made a raunchy confession about her husband Travis Barker's foot fetish.

The 43-year-old reality TV star was grilled by her younger sister Khloe in a lie detector test which was filmed for Vanity Fair and during her time in the hot seat, Kourtney was asked about her sex life with the Blink-182 drummer - and she revealed he has a thing for her feet.

Khloe asked her: "Like do you have a foot fetish?" and Kourtney responded: "I don't personally."

The younger Kardashian then pressed her by asking: "Does Travis have a foot fetish for your feet?" and Kourtney replied: "Possibly."

Refusing to give up on the subject, Khloe then asked Kourtney if she had any other fetishes and her sister replied: "I would say nothing wildly crazy."

Khloe then went on to ask whether the couple have dressed up in costumes to have sex and Kourtney admitted they once got intimate while dressed in Halloween costumes as the lead characters from the 1993 film 'True Romance'.

The sisters also talked about Kourtney's regular PDAs with her husband and the subject moved on to whether they had ever been caught having sex.

Khloe asked: "Have you guys ever been caught doing the deed?" and Kourtney then asked "In our home?"

The question was then amended to ask if they had ever been caught "outside of your home," and Kourtney said yes, adding: "You know about it."

'The Kardashians' star Khloe then replied: "I know. I didn't know we were gonna go down this road. Do you regret doing that?" and Kourtney replied with a firm "Nope".