Kris Jenner believes her relationship with Caitlyn Jenner ''will work itself out''.

The exes didn't see eye-to-eye over comments Caitlyn - who made her gender transition earlier this year - made in her infamous Vanity Fair magazine interview, but the Kardashian matriarch insists they are ''still family'' and remain friendly.

She told ''It's good. It's fine. You know, it's a process. I think everything takes a little bit of time. We're still family. We still have kids together. And it will work itself out.''

Kris, 59, confronted her ex-husband about being described as a ''distraction'' in the article on an episode of 'I Am Cait'. However, she admits she hasn't watched it back.

She said: ''I haven't watched it yet because it's hard.''

Meanwhile, Kris' sister Karen recently claimed that the reality star - who has two daughters, Kendall and Kylie, with Caitlyn - is embarrassed by the Olympian's transition.

She said: ''It's still so strange, all of us are trying to adjust to things because it was such a shock. I don't think anyone is used to the fact that this is Bruce. Of course, we all love Caitlyn but I felt so bad for Kris, she was so hurt and is still coming to terms with it. Kris doesn't talk about it much because she finds it embarrassing - I think she's hurt more than anything.

''But my sister is a genius at marketing so she's very good at hiding her feelings. Kris doesn't want the world to think her life is falling apart.''