Kris Jenner doesn't ''talk to anybody'' on Sundays.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' finds it tough getting glammed up every day that she allows herself one day off a week where she wears sweatpants and goes make up free.

She told E! News: ''Sunday is my day. Sundays, I don't like to talk to anybody, and I like no make up, my sweats and just hang out with the kids at the house. With the little ones.''

And on her busy days, the 59-year-old matriarch is so busy that she works out at 4am to hit the gym and credits her boyfriend Corey Gamble for ''motivating'' her to keep fit.

She shared: ''All the attention I've received for my body recently is incredibly flattering. I feel like I'm 35 again! I work out every day but I'm so busy with work I have to get up at 4am to fit a session in. I'm such a foodie and I love my wine - I need to stay active to burn it all off.

''Corey certainly keeps me on my toes and is incredibly supportive. He gives me constant confidence boosts and is always telling me how great I look and how sexy I am, even if I'm having an off day. He's also a great motivation, as he's always in the gym and we often work out together.''