Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner has said she just wants the "very best" for Lamar Odom, who she still thinks of as a son. Odom made headlines this week after he reportedly tried to board a plane drunk, causing concern that he has had a setback in his recovery.

Kris JennerKris Jenner still thinks of Lamar Odom as like a son.

Speaking on Australian radio show Kylie and Jackie O on Friday (July 15), Jenner said: "I don't know what happened. It was a big surprise to me. All I can say is I just want the very best for him because he's like my son.”

“He's a part of my family and I adore him. He's the best. He's the best! He's the greatest guy in the world and anybody that knows him will tell you the same thing.” Jenner said although she's been in contact with Odom in recent months they haven't spoken in days, or since the alleged incident.

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"You just want the best for anyone that you love," she continued. "I think that what I have learned through all of this is that anybody who's struggled with addiction, it's a disease and I've learned a lot...you can't judge somebody else unless you're really walking in their shoes and that's what I've learned.”

Jenner also spoke about her son, Rob Kardashian, who is expecting his first child with fiancé Blac Chyna. "I am excited, That kid, he just never ceases to surprise me,” she said. The 60-year-old added that Rob is doing well and seems to be in a much better place now.

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"I feel like he is [out of that slump] and I feel like it's definitely a blessing that he's back to the old Rob that we all know and love," Jenner said. "I think that he's in a very good place right now and he's more comfortable in his own skin and he's back to being the old Rob.”

“The old Rob is so funny and so engaging and so charming and such a wonderful guy. And to see that disappear for a minute broke my heart. So to have him in this happy place, it means everything,” she added. "You know it's that old saying, 'You're only as happy as your least happy child,' and it's so true. I never understood it until now."