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Chips Review


It's clear from the very start that this movie has little to do with the 1977-1983 beloved hit TV series. Firstly, the film ignores the capitalisation that would make sense of the title. And the main characters, while they have familiar names, are completely different people. So fans of the show will be justifiably angry that it has been merely referenced to make a half-hearted mash-up of The Hangover and Fast & Furious. Which might not be a bad idea if the gross-out comedy was funny and the action was even remotely thrilling.

In this version, Poncharello is the undercover name assigned to a Miami FBI agent (Michael Pena) who is sent to Los Angeles to investigate a string of armoured car robberies that might involve dirty cops. He is partnered with officer Jon Baker (Dax Shepard) riding motorcycles with the California Highway Patrol (they're CHiPs, not Chips). Jon is a former hotshot off-road motorbike champ who has broken every bone in his body and has only joined the police to try to win back his estranged, monstrous wife (Kristen Bell). But he's such a high-energy idiot that he's starting the job on probation. As their case develops, it's instantly clear that the mastermind is the villainous officer Kurtz (Vincent D'Onofrio). And their investigation is complicated by the arrival of Ponch's FBI boss (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) and partner (Adam Brody).

The lazy script never tries to crank up any real mystery or tension in the plot. Instead, the film is just a series of smutty jokes and incoherent stunt sequences, plus running gags that never reach a punchline. All of this is infused with relentless sexism, as the camera leers shamelessly at every woman. And the laddish misogyny is accompanied by constant homophobia, which is addressed in the dialogue in a feeble attempt to undercut the baldfaced bigotry. This makes all of the characters resolutely unlikeable. Ponch and Jon are such self-absorbed jerks that it's inconceivable that they would ever be allowed to be policemen.

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Kristen Bell Talks Marriage To Dax Shepard And Reveals Wedding Photos

Kristen Bell Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell has opened up about her marriage to husband Dax Shepard and the couple’s intimate 2013 courthouse wedding. Appearing on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’, Bell shared never-seen-before photos from the couple’s big day, giving a glimpse into their small, private ceremony.

Dax Shepard and Kristen BellKristen Bell has opened up about her marriage to Dax Shepard.

"We got married in a tiny room in the Beverly Hills courthouse, and it was still one of the best days of my life," Bell said. In the photos, Bell is shown wearing a simple black top and trousers combo, while Shepard wore a dark suit.

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Disney And Lego Teaming Up For New Multi-Media 'Frozen' Adventure 'Northern Lights'

Disney Idina Menzel Kristen Bell Josh Gad

Fans of Frozen won’t have to wait long for more material from the franchise, with Disney unveiling a new original story entitled 'Frozen Northern Lights' this week, a multi-media project that will be told via various art forms including books and short animated Lego videos.

All the original fan favourites will be getting back together, including Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff, in a new tale that will see the gang try to restore the Northern Lights. The series will include a new protagonist joining the gang, named Little Rock.

Frozen stillDisney and Lego are teaming up for a new 'Frozen' adventure entitled 'Northern Lights'

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The Boss Review


Melissa McCarthy brings another of her improvisational alter-egos to the big screen with this energetic comedy. The first cause for pause comes because this is a reteaming with her filmmaker husband Ben Falcone, with whom she made the bizarrely unfunny Tammy, as opposed to the filmmaker Paul Feig who directed her to box office triumph with Spy and The Heat and an Oscar nomination in Bridesmaids. Yes, there's a significance difference.

This time she plays hugely popular financial guru Michelle Darnell, whose stardom ends abruptly when she is sent to prison for four months for insider trading. When she's released, everyone she stepped on as she rose to the top turns their back on her, and her nemesis/ex Renault (Peter Dinklage) is still determined to get revenge. The only person who will talk to her is former assistant Claire (Kristen Bell), so Michelle moves in with her family. Unable to restart her business, she also takes over the Dandelion Scout troup of Claire's daughter Rachel (Ella Anderson), pushing the girls to take aggressive measures to sell their cookies.

As always, McCarthy throws herself into the role, creating a vivid character who indulges in a lot of outrageously silly slapstick. As with Tammy, the humour centres more on abusive interaction and humiliation than actual wit. McCarthy and Falcone strain to get laughs from physical wackiness rather than anything based on the character, so the movie only ever feels mildly amusing thanks to its high energy. But there's nothing engaging about Michelle, and it's only in a few cute-warm scenes with the terrific Bell that the film springs to anything resembling life. Thankfully, her scenes with the likeable Tyler Labine (as a potential boyfriend) have a loose humour to them. And Dinklage is surprisingly amusing as the sputtering cartoonish villain, while Kathy Bates generates a few sparks as Michelle's sassy mentor.

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Dax Shepard Rushed To Get A Vasectomy When He Thought Wife Kristen Bell Was Pregnant Again

Dax Shepard Kristen Bell

Hollywood couple Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell won’t be having any more children, after Shepherd decided to have a vasectomy after a pregnancy scare last year. Appearing on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', the comedian described how he rushed to get the procedure when he thought his wife could be pregnant again.

Dax Shepard and Kristen BellDax Shepard has revealed he’s had a vasectomy.

When Kimmel asked Shepard if the parents of two were hoping to add to their family Shepard gave a firm ‘no’ and added: “Last year, my wife was working in Atlanta. We were there and she all of a sudden goes, 'Oh, my gosh! I’m so stupid. I’ve been sick for 10 days and ignoring it. I’m definitely pregnant.’”

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The Boss Trailer

Michelle Darnell is one of the most successful businesswomen of her age. She's loud, boisterous and upset MANY people on her way to the top.

To Michelle, she's made it. She's made billions and she has everything -materialistic - that she needs. However, when the businesswoman is arrested for insider trading, she can't even begin to grasp the changes that are going to happen in her life.

Penniless, sent to jail and alone, Michelle's life has gone from an all-time high to the lowest point she's ever experienced. After being released from jail, she's sure that she'll be ready to reinvent herself as America's latest reformed sweetheart but having offended so many people in the past, finding people to help her along the way won't be easy.

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Disney To Follow 'Frozen' With Short Sequel In 2015

Kristen Bell Disney

Disney is keen to capitalize on the monumental success of the Oscar-winning 'Frozen' - now the biggest grossing animation in history - and will release a short sequel in spring 2015. Fans of Frozen have been campaigning for a sequel since last year, though producers confirmed there are "no plans" to release a full-length follow-up.

Frozen'Frozen' was a huge hit for Disney

Instead, the original team will reunite in 'Frozen Fever', which sees Elsa and Kristoff throwing a birthday party for Anna. The movie will also feature a new original song from Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the song-writing duo behind 'Let It Go'. Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck will return to direct the short, which is being produced by Peter Del Vecho.

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What The 'Veronica Mars' Web-Series Means For You. Yeah, YOU

Kristen Bell Ryan Hansen Rob Thomas

New details have emerged about the Veronica Mars web-series Play it Again, Dick. The show was first announced in January, with creator Rob Thomas teasing a series that was tonally similar to Party Down but focused on a version of Ryan Hansen deciding to capitalize on the renewed popularity of Mars.  

Veronica MarsKristen Bell as Veronica Mars in the recent crowd-funded movie

Fans could be forgiven for forgetting about the show in recent months - we haven't heard much since Thomas's announcement, until now. This week, BuzzFeed dished out a slew of details now filming on the eight-episode series is complete.

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Frozen To Get A Sequel, In Book Form Anyway

Kristen Bell Idina Menzel

Fans of Frozen rejoice! Looks like there's plenty more adventures in store for the characters from the animated blockbuster. Publishing company Random House has announced that they will release two children’s books that continue the story of Frozen heroines Anna and Elsa. 

The Academy Award winning film took the world by storm last year and still hasn't stopped

Entitled 'Anna & Elsa #1: All Hail the Queen' and 'Anna & Elsa #2: Memory and Magic', the stories promise to pick up where the film left the young princesses, and build on their relationship as they get to know one another again, and will be published in January 2015. 

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‘Once Upon A Time’ Casts ‘Frozen’ Anna And Kristoff: What About Elsa?

Scott Michael Foster Kristen Bell Josh Gad Disney

Once Upon A Time has cast Elizabeth Lail and Scott Michael Foster as Princess Anna and Kristoff in the ABC series' fourth season Frozen spin-off plotline. The events of the season will reportedly pick up where the Oscar-winning Disney musical left off, meaning ice cutter Kristoff will be seen adjusting to life at the castle.

Californication star Foster and newcomer Lail have both been cast in the lead roles, leaving only Princess Elsa still to be cast. Whether the team has a star in mind but casting news has been delayed to eke out fan antipipation a little longer or whether creators are still deliberating over the actress best placed to play the winter Princess is not clear.

Series creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis said that it had been hard for them to to get the rights to the Frozen characters as Disney didn't contact them with an offer. "We fell in love with the movie 'Frozen' when we saw it," Horowitz told TVLine.

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Will Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Pick 'Frozen' Inspired Name For Baby No.2?

Kristen Bell Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are going to be new parents for a second time, it has been announced. The film stars have confirmed that they are expecting a baby and a sibling for their 15 month-old daughter, Lincoln Bell.

Bell, 33, and Shepard, 39, are taking the next step to expand their young family after Lincoln's birth in March 2013 and their marriage in October last year. "I can confirm that Kristen and Dax are expecting their second child and a sibling for Lincoln. The whole family is beyond excited," a rep for the family told Entertainment Tonight.

Only days before the couple's big news broke, the Frozen actress had joked about adding a new member to the family on Twitter but posted a picture of their new dog. "The newest member of our family comes in the form of this little black man," Kristen tweeted, along with a photo of the fluffy black dog that the couple recently adopted.

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Who Is Anna Faith Carlson, The Real Life Elsa From 'Frozen'?

Kristen Bell Idina Menzel

We think everyone can agree when we say that Disney’s Frozen has been pretty successful. Since its release in 2013 it’s earned around $1.2 billion and is the fifth highest grossing film of all time, not to mention the highest-grossing animated film and Disney’s highest-grossing release.

Frozen Anna Faith Carlson Frozen has stormed ahead of the rest to become Disney's highest-grossing film of all time

The figures speak for themselves but what’s more important is how loved the characters have become in such a short space of time. Sisters Elsa, voiced by Idina Menzel, and Anna, by Kristen Bell, are the heart of the film, and have enthralled little girls (and grown ones) and offered up a new mould for the typical Disney princess - a more believable and relatable one.

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Parents Dismayed As Disney's 'Frozen' Dress Hits EBay For $1,600

Kristen Bell Josh Gad Disney Bob Iger

Parents across the globe are being faced with the prospect of logging into their eBay accounts, searching for "Frozen dress" and shelling out a cool $1,600 to keep their Disney obsessed kids happy. Stores across the U.S. have sold out of the replica dress worn by Princess Elsa in the most successful animated movie of all time, leaving parents to trawl through the auction site in the hope of getting somewhere near the $225 face value.

Frozen 'Frozen' Was A Huge Hit For Disney

"Every mom in the world is dying for this dress," said Costello, a Los Angeles marketing consultant with a "Frozen" obsessed 4-year-old. "The lucky moms who have found this dress for their daughters brag about their success and unanimously proclaim how their kid can't stop wearing it."

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State Of The (Disney) Union: Cars 3, Incredibles 2, In The Pipeline

Bob Iger Kristen Bell

In news you didn’t know you needed until right now, Disney has confirmed the development of two new Pixar flicks. One is a third Cars movie, but before you cringe and ash “Why?”, the other project is a sequel to The Incredibles! So said Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger during a sort of “State of the Disney Union” address on Tuesday, during Disney’s annual meeting of shareholders, in Portland, Ore.

JJ Abrams
jJ Abrams is bringing back Luke, Leia and Han... maybe.

There was also some Star Wars info casually dropped into the conversation. Iger revealed that the next Star Wars movie will pick up 30 years after the events in 1983's Return of the Jedi. This means that the speculation about Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher returning to play aging versions of their original characters might have been spot on or at least it works within the time frame. Iger was careful not to reveal too much, however and only hinted at the possibility.

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Kickstarters Are Refunded Following 'Veronica Mars' Screw Up

Kristen Bell

A number of Veronica Marsfans who helped the record breaking Kickstarter campaign with donations of $35 upwards are to receive refunds from Warner Bros after their promise of a digital copy of the film days after release wasn’t realised.

Veronica MarsVeronica Mars investigates again...

The film hit cinemas recently and was a success, with die-hard fans of the franchise praising the effort for sticking to the ethos of the TV show that made it famous. But some unlucky users weren’t able to download their digital copy, leading to Warner Bros promising some refunds, but most, they suggest, were able to retrieve their copy without any problems.

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'Veronica Mars' Contributors To Be Refunded Following Flixter Technical Issues

Kristen Bell Jason Dohring Ryan Hansen Krysten Ritter Enrico Colantoni Warner Brothers

Contributors to the Veronica Mars movie have been disappointed after they encountered problems watching the movie on an online platform, Flixter. Warner Bros, the studio behind the film, have promised disappointed backers a refund but this may be too little too late.

Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell at the L.A. premiere of Veronica Mars.

See more pictures from the L.A. premiere of Veronica Mars.

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Veronica Mars Kickstarters Facing Tech Issues For Digital Copy Of Film

Kristen Bell

This wasn’t part of the plan. Following a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign and a great critical reception, the Veronica Mars movie has faced its first hiccup: backers who are in line to receive a digital copy of the film have faced technical difficulties, meaning they’re unable to download it.

Veronica MarsHere's Veronica trying to download the film...

The perk was part of the backing deal, and for those who paid $35 in support of the venture were left disappointed when technical issues blocked their paths.

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A Week In Movies: Films Premiere In Hollywood, Texas And Mexico, Captain America Gathers Buzz, Sin City 2 Delivers A Trailer And Rumours Swirl About Episode Vii Casting

Tina Fey Ricky Gervais Aaron Paul Dominic Cooper Kristen Bell Jennifer Connelly Chris Evans Scarlett Johansson Jessica Alba Jesse Plemons

Muppets Most Wanted's world premiere

Two new films held their premieres in Hollywood this week. Muppets Most Wanted's world premiere was attended by stars Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, Kermit and Miss Piggy. Meanwhile, Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper and Imogen Poots walked the red carpet for Need for Speed, which also hits cinemas this weekend. Take a look at photos from the colorful if not slightly odd 'Muppets Most Wanted' Premiere. Or the marginally more grown up premiere for 'Need for Speed' and you can read the 'Need for Speed' Movie Review here.

Following its world premiere at the South by South West Festival, Veronica Mars also held red carpet premieres in Hollywood and New York with Kristen Bell and the cast. You can see the 'Veronica Mars' cast have their selfie game on point at SXSW for the premiere. Or you can read our 'Veronica Mars' Movie review here. And in Mexico City, Darren Aronofsky turned up with cast members Jennifer Connelly, Logan Lerman and Douglas Booth for the world premiere of his new film Noah, which also released a new extended trailer ahead of its release in two weeks. Here the detail on the 'Noah' movie making first waves in mexico despite religious controversy. And here's that 'Noah' extended trailer.

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Fan-Funded 'Veronica Mars' Is A Triumph For Kristen Bell And Co

Kristen Bell

A lot of films have been made from TV series, but very few have come together quite like Veronica Mars, a grassroots project funded by fans through a Kickstarter campaign. Writer-director Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell led the charge, which saw more than 90,000 backers come on board with nearly $6 million. It's the largest Kickstarter project to date.

Veronica MarsKristen Bell in the Veronica Mars movie

The TV series ran from 2004 to 2007 and earned positive reviews, decent ratings plus numerous awards for its 64 episodes following a crime-solving teen in the seaside town of Neptune, California. Originally written as a young-adult novel with a male protagonist, Thomas changed the gender because he thought the noir mystery would be more interesting with a female at the centre.

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Kristen Bell Would Love To Do "Frozen" On Broadway With Idina Menzel (Or Adele Dazeem, Either Would Be Good)

Kristen Bell Idina Menzel

Disney’s Frozen is one of those films that would just make sense as a Broadway musical. You know it, we know it, Kristen Bell knows it too. The star of Disney’s Oscar-winning flick recently told EW that she would love to reprise her role as princess Anna in a stage version. She also made a valid point. “I certainly hope that they try!”

Kristen Bell, Veronica Mars
Bell is currently on Veronica Mars duty, but she would love to do a Frozen stage play, given the chance.

Bell said about whether Disney would ask her to return. “Everybody in Frozen is a Broadway veteran so I certainly hope they try and wrangle us.”

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After All That, Is The 'Veronica Mars' Movie Any Good?

Kristen Bell

The Veronica Mars movie wouldn’t exist without the Internet. It gave fans the perfect forum in which to discuss their favourite show, and eventually provided a platform on which funds could be raised for the movie. Now, after the Kickstarter campaign proved successful, have they managed to replicate the TV version’s quality on the big screen?

Veronica MarsVeronica Mars investigates once again...

The film, of course, focuses on Veronica Mars – played by Kristen Bell, who returns to reprise her role. She’s interviewing at a high-end New York law firm on the even of graduating law school. With Neptune behind her, she’s looking forward to long and fruitful career, but a phone call from her ex-boyfriend (Jason Dohring) who has been accused of murder changes that.

Continue reading: After All That, Is The 'Veronica Mars' Movie Any Good?

A Welcome Return? Critics Divided On 'Veronica Mars' Movie

Kristen Bell

To put it lightly, fans were not at all happy when The CW series Veronica Mars was abruptly cancelled in 2007. The series launched Kristen Bell’s career, who has since gone on to star in Forgetting Sarah Marshall alongside Mila Kunis and Jason Segal, as well as providing the voice for Anna in Disney’s smash hit animation movie Frozen.

Veronica Mars movie
Kristen Bell has starred in a string of successful projects since she played Veronica Mars

Cue six years of fan-led protests and the most shocking thing of all. They actually won. It’s such a rare occurrence and impressive achievement that we’re still in disbelief that they managed to pull it off! Veronica Mars fans really are dedicated to their cause.

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A Week In Movies: Oscars Too Close To Call, Lupita Rules The Red Carpet, Godzilla Crushes San Francisco, And Veronica Mars Is Back

Alfonso Cuaron Steve McQueen Matthew Mcconaughey Chiwetel Ejiofor Jared Leto Barkhad Abdi Cate Blanchett Lupita Nyong'o Aaron Johnson Bryan Cranston Michael Cera Kristen Bell

The Oscars 2014

All eyes are on Hollywood this weekend as the Academy Awards take place this Sunday night. The least predictable Oscars in years, there are multiple possible winners in most of the major categories, as Gravity, 12 Years a Slave and American Hustle vie for Best Picture and Alfonso Cuaron and Steve McQueen contend for Best Director. We relive some of the the biggest upsets in Oscars history here.

Other too-close races include actor (Matthew Mcconaughey vs Chiwetel Ejiofor), supporting actor (Jared Leto vs Barkhad Abdi) and supporting actress (Lupita Nyong'o vs Jennifer Lawrence). The only sure thing is Cate Blanchett for Best Actress. And that Gravity will mop up all the technical awards. Here is more detail on the best supporting actress Oscar battle between jennifer lawrence and lupita nyong'o being too close to call.

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Disney's 'Frozen' Achieves Most Weeks At No.1's Since 'Titanic' Soundtrack

Kristen Bell

The soundtrack for 'Frozen', Disney's hugely successful animation flick, has reached No.1 on Billboard 200 chart for the fifth time. With 'Frozen's' latest chart topping week, the album has now earned most weeks at No.1 for a movie soundtrack since 'Titanic' in 1998, Billboard reports.

'Frozen' has garnered huge amounts of success

The animation, starring Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, was expected to reach the milestone after dominating the music charts since the film's release back in November (2013).

Continue reading: Disney's 'Frozen' Achieves Most Weeks At No.1's Since 'Titanic' Soundtrack

Disney's 'Frozen' Set To Hit 1,000 Theatres With Sing-Along Version

Kristen Bell

'Frozen' has garnered huge success since its release back on November 20th (2013), and now fans will get a chance to sing-along to their favourite tunes as the studio takes a special version on the road, hitting 1,000 theatres nationwide on January 31st.

'Frozen' fans will have the chance to sing-along with Kristen Bell's character 'Princess Anna'

'Frozen' is based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, The Snow Queen, and stars the voices of Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, Idina Menzel and Josh Gad, with Chris Buck directing.

Continue reading: Disney's 'Frozen' Set To Hit 1,000 Theatres With Sing-Along Version

Seven Weeks Later, Frozen Is Leading The Box Office Again, Ahead Of The Hobbit

Kristen Bell

Possibly influenced by the freezing weather, American cinemagoers have propelled Disney’s Frozen to the top of the box office charts, 7 weeks after the animated film was released. It took $20.7m over the weekend. Frozen - a fresh twist on Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen – originally enjoyed a strong start back on Thanksgiving weekend, when it was unleashed to families across America.

FrozenFrozen is back on top

With its gross now standing at more than $640m worldwide, Frozen’s success has surpassed expectations, and it’s rare for a film to regain box office supremacy 7 weeks after its debut – the last one to do so was The Passion of the Christ in 2004.

Continue reading: Seven Weeks Later, Frozen Is Leading The Box Office Again, Ahead Of The Hobbit

Disney's 'Frozen' Cools Off All Competition At The Weekend's Box Office

Kristen Bell

'Frozen' ices the rest of its competition at this weekend's (Jan 3rd-5th) box office by regaining the No.1 position. The Disney animated adventure film, which acquires the voices of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad, brought in an impressive $20.7 million in its sixth week of release.

'Frozen' is Disney's biggest animated movie of the year

'Frozen' has now earned a domestic total of $297.8 million and is expected to reach the $300 million mark in the next couple of days.

Continue reading: Disney's 'Frozen' Cools Off All Competition At The Weekend's Box Office

Veronica Mars Trailer Hits, Seven Years After The Final Episode

Kristen Bell

It’s fair to say that the people behind Veronica Mars wouldn’t have seen this coming then they called a wrap on the final episode of the cult series seven years ago. But due to the power of the crowdsourcing format, Kickstarter, a Mars film is out in March, and a brand new trailer has hit the web.

Kristen BellKristen Bell reprises her role as Veronica Mars

The trailer sees Mars – once again played by Kristen Bell - ‘out of the game’, working as a high-powered lawyer in the big city. She doesn’t investigate things anymore, but when a case affects her ex-boyfriend, Logan Echolls (played by James Dohring), she’s forced to spring into action.

Continue reading: Veronica Mars Trailer Hits, Seven Years After The Final Episode

'Catching Fire' Slips At The Box Office, While 'Frozen' Moves In For The Holiday Season

Kristen Bell Idina Menzel Jonathan Groff Josh Gad

After Frozen’s landslide (or should that be avalanche) success before the weekend, it should come as no surprise that the film has easily topped The Hunger Games: Catching Fire at the box office. After two weeks on top, Catching Fire was knocked over by the Disney animated feature, which raked in $31.6 million in weekend sales alone. Since its release on November 22, Frozen has earned $190.2 million, according to Rentrak.

Frozen Still
Besides being very seasonally appropriate, Frozen also boasts beautiful animation.

Frozen is a re-imagining of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Snow Queen. The film, which tells the story of two estranged princesses in an icy kingdom, topped the box office in its second week of release, while Catching Fire fell behind with just $27 million earned in the Friday – Sunday period, according to Businessweek.

Continue reading: 'Catching Fire' Slips At The Box Office, While 'Frozen' Moves In For The Holiday Season

A Tight Schedule And Ambitious Visuals Define Disney's Latest Try For The Oscars, "Frozen"

Kristen Bell Idina Menzel

Today marks the wide release of Disney’s animated feature Frozen and, after months of promotion, the revamped version of a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale is already generating Oscar buzz. Frozen tells Andersen’s story of the Snow Queen, only with a slight twist. In the original, a young girl, Greta has to use her optimism to save her friend Kai from the curse of the Snow Queen. This version tells the story of two princesses (this is Disney, we’re talking about after all), one of whom is born with the power to control weather. When Princess Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) is paralyzed with fear and unable to control her power, perpetual winter sets over the Norwegian kingdom of Arendelle. It is then up to her sister Anna (Kristen Bell) to help Elsa and save the kingdom.

Watch the Frozen trailer below.

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Kristen Bell Stil Riding "High" After Quickie Wedding To Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell and her long-time hubby Dax Shepard tied the knot in a low key ceremony on 17 October, and when we say low key, we really do mean it. The two went for a completely no-frills ceremony, nipping to the Beverly Hills County Clerk Office to apply for a wedding license, where they decided to just tie the knot there and then.

Kristen Bell Dax Shepard
Kristen Bell is "still on  a high " after marrying Dax Shepard

As the days have flown by, People Magazine recently caught up with Kristen to ask her about life as a married woman, and she insisted that life is still as good as ever. Just over a week after the 'ceremony,' the magazine managed to ask her about her union at a press junket for Frozen - the upcoming Disney animation which she provides her voice for and also sings on - where she revealed that she is "still on a high" from the wedding.

Continue reading: Kristen Bell Stil Riding "High" After Quickie Wedding To Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard Go Get Marriage License. End Up Getting Married.

Kristen Bell Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard arrived at the Beverly Hills County Clerk Office last week to apply for a marriage license - though it all happened a little too quickly. In fact, when a court employee offered to marry them on the spot, they agreed, and the rest - as they say - is history.

In an extremely no-frills ceremony at the Beverly Hills County Clerk Office, Kristen and Dax were married with only a photographer present - apart from the officials. According to eyewitnesses who spoke with, Bell was weepy in the courtroom.

The low-profile marriage is hardly a surprise given Kristen has talked about wanting a courthouse marriage in the past. "I feel like we get enough attention in our daily lives and we just want something sort of private that involves pen and paper," he said.

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Comic-Con 2013, San Diego, Features Hugh Jackman, Sandra Bullock And Kristen Bell

Hugh Jackman Kristen Bell Sandra Bullock Jason Dohring Enrico Colantoni Eva Green Vin Diesel Gillian Anderson David Duchovny Joss Whedon

Comic-Con 2013 starts today, Thursday 18th July, and will continue until Sunday 21st July. The San Diego event is expected to attract more than 125000 fans over its long weekend. The event, held at the San Diego Convention Center, features numerous events, talks and demonstrations from the world of superheroes; comic books and video games.

Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman at the London premiere of The Wolverine

The event is 43 years old, as it was first held in 1970. Since then, thousands of fans have flocked to the event, using it as an opportunity to dress up as their favourite character and mingle. 

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Hollywood Game Night - A Glorified Game Of Charades?

Jane Lynch Fred Armisen Matthew Perry Kristen Bell Kristin Chenoweth Nick Cannon

At the tail end of her run as Mrs Hannigan in Annie, Jane Lynch is launching her brand new endeavor – Hollywood Game Night. It’s pretty much what it sounds like – a night of party games, banter and lots of competitive spirit. What makes this different to your average Friday night is that on this show, six of the eight contestants are celebrities.

Jane Lynch, Tony Awards
Jane Lynch loves a good game night.

When you have Fred Armisen and Matthew Perry competing in a mutant version of charades, it’s bound to be a funny experience, but what Lynch thinks is so special about this show is that the viewer at home gets to feel like part of the action – especially if they have a drink or two while watching Game Night. When she was asked by TIME Magazine whether contestants should come in caffeinated, Lynch answered: “Or slightly tipsy. Either way” In one promo she even suggests that viewers at home invent a make a drinking game out of watching the show.

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Kristen Bell Proposes To Her Fiancé Dax Shepard Via Twitter

Kristen Bell

In the wake of all the positive news surrounding gay marriage in the U.S – unfair walls are being knocked down all over the place – Kristen Bell has proposed to her boyfriend… via Twitter. These really are modern times.

"@daxshepard1 will you marry me? Xo #marriageequality #loveislove" the Veronica Mars star tweeted, before posting her support for today's ruling, saying, "You're damn right DOMA is unconstitutional!! #equalitymatters” Bell also told CNN, "I don't believe in standing in the way of love and I want to stand up for that right." She added, "We're not going to have a party when half of our friends…can't do that thing we're doing. We're not goig to ask them to come celebrate a right they don't have. That's just tacky!" Obviously, the marriage decision doesn’t rest on Twitter, and we’re pretty sure the couple, who started dating back in 2010, have talked about their nuptials in person. Still, the fact that Dax Shepard hasn’t responded is a little awkward.

He did tweet out about gay marriage, though, saying: "DOMA is dead. Prop 8 is dead. Now let's bring my big, gay marriage to @IMKristenBell to Life!!!!" With all the celebrity support, the barriers involved in gay marriage are slowly getting demolished. Proposition 8, the 2008 ballot measure in California that outlawed same-sex marriage has been abolished.

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A Week In News: Kim Kardashian's Baby, Kanye West's Yeezus And Nigella Lawson's...throat

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Nigella Lawson Brad Pitt Taylor Swift Kristen Bell Pharrell Williams

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kaidence Kardashian? The day finally arrived. Kim Kardashian - seemingly pregnant since the beginning of time - gave birth to her first child this week. Rumors suggests she and Kanye West have decided on Kaidence Donda for their baby girl, which both keeps alive the Kardashian's 'K' tradition and pays tribute to the rapper's mother.

Yeezus Christ: It's been a huge week for both Kim and Kanye, with the rapper also releasing his hugely anticipated new album Yeezus. It's packed with the usual mix of great tunes, not so great tunes, and controversy - so what's the final word?

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Veronica Mars Stars Offer First Glimpse Into Behind-The-Scenes Action

Kristen Bell Rob Thomas Ryan Hansen

The Veronica Mars movie is one of the most fan-driven Hollywood projects of all time, so it would only make sense that the cast and production team would grace the fans with frequent progress reports. The first ones came with the release of several images from the set at the movie’s kickoff last week. One of the stills, obtained by MTV shows star Kristen Bell, behind the wheel of a convertible, wearing her the classic “Who, me?” expression that fans of the show are ever so familiar with.

The car is parked in front of what is described as “Neptune’s hottest nightclub” – 09ER, a callback to the “rich kids” clique in the first series. The social divide between the rich and the lower class in Neptune was a key theme in the first and second seasons of VM and we can only assume this means that Rob Thomas and co. will be bringing it back for the movie.

Meanwhile, everyone on set has remained Instagram active as well. Kristen Bell recently instagrammed a photo of herself, holding what looks like a script for the film and a bunch of VM merch, while the official production Instagram kicked off the festivities with a snap of a clapper board, accompanied by the caption: "Annnnnnnnd.... ACTION. @TheVeronicaMarsMovie has now started shooting!"

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Disney Release Teaser Trailer For New Animation 'Frozen' [Trailer]

Kristen Bell Idina Menzel Josh Gad Santino Fontana Glee

Frozen is due to be released on 27th November in the US and on 20th December in the UK, just in time for Christmas. The film will feature the voices of Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars), Idina Menzel (Enchanted), Jonathon Groff (Glee), Josh Gad (Ice Age: Continental Drift) and Santino Fontana (Submissions Only). Frozen will see two actors reunited: Jonathon Groff and Idina Menzel who appeared together in the musical seriesGlee.

The movie is directed by Disney veterans Chris Buck (The Little Mermaid) and Jennifer Lee (Wreck-It Raph) whilst many of the actors have experience with animation films. Gad provided the voice for Louis the molehog in Ice Age: Continental Drift and Menzel as Nancy in Enchanted (a sequel is currently in production also featuring her voice).

Frozen is based on Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale The Snow Queen. It follows the story of Anna (Bell), who teams up with love interest Kristoff (Groff), in order to find her sister Elsa (Menzel), the Snow Queen, whose magic has caused the kingdom to have turned into a wintry and dangerous wonderland. Helping is a clumsy and buck-toothed snow man named Olaf (voiced by Gad).

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Stuck In Love Review


Far too tidy to be believable, this multi-strand romance holds our attention with a warmly comical tone and a watchable cast. But it's only entertaining as a bit of escapism, because the various relational entanglements are far too contrived for us to identify with them. A looser, messier approach would have made it a lot more involving.

The action takes place over the course of a year. Bill (Kinnear) is a noted novelist who stopped writing when his marriage to Erica (Connelly) ended. Even though she's now married to a fitness instructor (Joiner), Bill is waiting for her to come back to him. Although he's engaging in a mindless fling with a married neighbour (Bell) in the mean time. Bill and Erica's daughter Samantha (Collins) has just published her first novel, but has sworn off romance. Then she meets the persistent nice-guy Lou (Lerman). Meanwhile, her teen brother Rusty (Wolff) is finally working up the nerve to speak to his crush Kate (Liberato), who has both a cocaine problem and a bully (Schwarzenegger) of a boyfriend.

Writer-director Boone lets each character introduce themselves with the first line from the book of their life, and the litrary theme continues in almost every scene as they continually discuss their writings and their favourite books. Very quickly, this begins to get on our nerves, as if Boone is reminding us that nothing we're watching is actually happening: it's carefully orchestrated fiction that draws on real-life emotions to tell a series of implausible love stories. Aside from Kinnear and Connelly, who are strong enough actors to convince us of almost anything, none of the interaction feels remotely realistic. 

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Stuck In Love Trailer

William Borgens was once a highly regarded novelist, however after a heart-breaking divorce with his wife Erica who left him for a younger, more handsome man, he hasn't been able to write a single word. He just spends his days thinking about the time they had together and spying on them through their windows. His pretty friend-with-benefits, Tricia, who is also divorced, does her best with her sometimes overly honest opinions to force him to get back to dating. Meanwhile, his promiscuous and cynical daughter Samantha is having her first book published while struggling to come to terms with the idea of love and still refusing to speak to her mother after she left her father, and his son Rusty, who is also an aspiring writer, tries to show one troubled and vulnerable girl that he is the guy for her.

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Is 'Veronica Mars' Kickstarter Cash A Game Changer For The Movie Business?

Kristen Bell Amanda Seyfried

The CW's acclaimed teen noir drama 'Veronica Mars' is coming back with a bang. When showrunner Rob Thomas announced a Kickstarter project to find $2 million for a feature film, many fans of the best-loved series were probably quietly optimistic, though little more. However, by 8.30am on Thursday, the prospect of a Veronica Mars movie starring original stars Kristen Bell and Amanda Seyfriend was a very real proposition having collected $2.5 million from pledgers.

Getting funding through Kickstarter is becoming a viable option for creative types looking to make their first movie, or record their first album, though Veronica Mars is the largest film the website has ever helped launch. The show's star, Kristin Bell was unequivocal, "If we reach our fundraising goal, we'll shoot the movie this summer," she said. In the pitch video for the movie, the original stars of the series wander around Bell's Hollywood home, wondering how they would make a Veronica Mars movie. 

Other success stories on the fundraising website include Amanda Palmer - the lead singer of The Dresden Dolls - who raised over $1 million to cut her Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra album, despite seeking just $100,000. Elsewhere, video-game Wasteland 2 was funded by Kickstarter, to the tune of $2,933,252. The post-apocalyptic game - originally released by Electronic Arts - is set for release later this year. 

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Veronica Mars Kickstarter Smashes Records, Reaching Its Goal Overnight

Kristen Bell Enrico Colantoni

The Veronica Mars movie is happening!

We’d love to say “told you so”, but really, did anyone have any doubts? With a funny campaign video, some pretty awesome perks and an extremely devoted cult following, it was pretty much certain that the Kickstarter campaign, which went online yesterday, would reach its goal of $2 million. What people didn’t expect though, was that it would happen in less than 24 hours. This makes it not only the biggest and most ambitious Kickstarter project to date, but also the fastest to reach its goal. So, the moral of the story? All hail the awesome power of the internet. And devoted fans, of course.

Now Kristen Bell just has to take care of all those personal phone call perks. It’s probably good that they didn’t say “home visit” or something. People really do miss the feisty teenage detective and the whole VM crew, whose on-screen lives were cut short after just three seasons. So now the show’s creator Rob Thomas, along with what's left of the talented cast, face the difficult task of making a film that will please the hardcore marsmallows. You guessed it, that’s the affectionate name for the VM fandom. With the budget taken care of, you can expect the film on a screen near you sometime in 2014. Can we get three cheers?

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Kristen Bell Having A Baby Boy? Maybe!

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell has been pretty tight lipped about her pregnancy; not giving the press a sniff of any details, but appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show, she may have let the baby's gender slip.  

The actress told how her fiance Dax Shepard, 38, was excited about "all the off-roading he'll have in this tiny partner." And when asked if that meant there was a little boy coming, she coyly replied, "Maybe?" before attemption an evasion. "Do you have to be a boy to off-road? Absolutely not! I think [Dax]'s going to force [the baby], even if it's a sloth, to off-road," she explained, probably not managing to fool anyone. Bell also opened up on the fear of pregnancy and giving birth. "I feel like, when I arrive at the hospital, I want a glass of whiskey, I want the epidural in my back and I want to get hit in the face with a baseball bat and wake me up when it's over because I've seen the videos -- and it looks terrifying," she told DeGeneres.

For someone dead set on not revealing much about her pregnancy, Bell has sure been talking to a lot of big players. She told Entertainment Weekly, "This is without question the biggest transition I'll make in my life to date," she told the magazine.

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Big Names Announced For Sundance 2013: Rooney Mara, Daniel Radcliffe, Jessica Biel

Rooney Mara Casey Affleck Daniel Radcliffe Jessica Biel Kristen Bell

Next year’s Sundance Film Festival will reflect an on-going trend in the movie world, for big name actors to seek out challenging and rewarding roles in independent films. The competition line-up for Sundance 2013 has been announced and Rooney Mara, Casey Affleck, Daniel Radcliffe, Jessica Biel and Kristen Bell are all amongst the big names headlining next year’s festival, which is considered a highlight of the international film festival calendar.

John Cooper, the director of Sundance, told The Hollywood Reporter “It’s a reflection of the landscape… We notice that there's a very, very vital community of actors taking roles in independent films - well-known actors in particular.” There are 27 films in competition at the 2013 festival, which will be screening 113 feature-length movies in total. These were whittled down from 12, 146 submissions – an increase of 429 from last year.

Taking a look at those big names in competition, then; Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara both appear in Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, a story about two outlaws, situated in the hills of Texas. Daniel Radcliffe, meanwhile, continues his attempt to break free of the clutches of Harry Potter, by playing Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings, which brings together the great beat poets of the 1940s. Elizabeth Olsen and Jennifer Jason Leigh also star in this movie, centered on David Kammerer’s murder by Lucien Carr. Kristen Bell stars in The Lifeguard and Jessica Biel leads the cast in Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes, a dramatic thriller directed and written by Francesca Gregorini.

We've Got Some Gossip, Girl! Kristen Bell Rumored For On-Screen Cameo In Final Episode

Kristen Bell

Rumor has it that Kristen Bell will be appearing in Gossip Girl before the season’s out.

The 32 year-old actress is currently pregnant, expecting her first baby with partner Dax Shepard and according to TV Line, she filmed her cameo earlier this year. Kristen has narrated Gossip Girl since the program began in 2007 and the whole premise of the programme is that nobody knows exactly who the gossip girl is.

As fans send themselves clinically insane trying to piece the clues together and uncover the true identity of the Gossip Girl, these rumours will of course send dedicated viewers into a frenzy. What is the purpose of Bell’s sudden on screen appearance, right in the last episode, when she has maintained an off-screen presence all these years? Warner Bros would not be drawn into commenting on the rumours, though they did reveal last month that the blogger behind Gossip Girl would be revealed in the final episode. However, viewers can’t necessarily assume that Kristen Bell’s character is actually the one tat they have been waiting to meet for so long.

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Hit & Run Review


Audiences out for a bit of mindless fun will probably enjoy this raucous road movie, but only if they can look past comedy that relies on jokes about racism, sexism and homophobia. And if the characters are all paper-thin, at least the film is loose and enjoyably silly.

It centres on Charlie (Shepard), who lives in rural California with his girlfriend Annie (Bell). But when she's offered a job in Los Angeles, Charlie has to face up to his criminal past. He's currently in witness protection, and returning to L.A. is very dangerous. Still, he decides to take Annie to her job interview, while his protective agent (Arnold) follows close behind. But trouble is brewing because Annie's still-smitten ex (Rosenbaum) is also in hot pursuit, and when he figures out Charlie's secret, he gets in touch with the gang boss, Alex (Cooper), who wants him dead.

While the film looks whizzy and is packed with banter that sounds offensive, everything is pretty half-hearted. The dialog continually touches on sexuality and ethnicity in ways that are more lazy than inappropriate, and the discussions of serious issues like gender roles have no depth at all. This is a movie essentially made up of nothing but stereotypes. Bell and Cooper just about manage to give their characters personalities, but everyone else has essentially one note. Most of the men are mere chucklehead idiots, while the women are male fantasies.

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Hit and Run Trailer

When Charlie Bronson, a bank robbery getaway driver on a witness protection programme, jeopardizes his life to take his beloved fiancée to Los Angeles, his past comes knocking at his door in the form of his old best friends who want their money after being released from an 8 month prison sentence. Charlie's abrupt escape leads to a frenzied sequence of car chases involving his former friends, gangsters and the police, not to mention Charlie's fiancée's shock and rage at finding out that he hasn't been honest with her.

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Big Miracle Review

Very Good
A grounding in the real-life story makes this film much less sentimental than it looks. Strong characters, some surprisingly dark touches and a genuinely thrilling series of events helps to engage us right to the end.

In 1988 Barrow, at the top of Alaska, aspiring reporter Adam (Krasinski) stumbles across three whales trapped beneath the icecap. Unable to reach the open sea, there's just a tiny hole in the ice that lets them breathe. Adam's report goes viral, grabbing the attention of America's press as well as his Greenpeace-activist ex Rachel (Barrymore). And the rescue effort will require an L.A. journalist (Bell), military pilot (Mulroney), Inuit boy (Sweeney), whale expert (Nelson), oil baron (Danson), White House rep (Shaw), two chuckleheads from Minnesota (LeGros and Riggle) and the Russian Navy.

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Big Miracle Trailer

News reporter Adam Carlson is based in a remote part of Alaska, in a town called Point Barrow. As a consequence, there usually is little to talk about in the way of local news. After one news report, which saw him explaining how food can take up to four plane journeys to arrive in town, his boss rings to comment about how 'thin' his stories are. That is, until Adam sees something extraordinary out to sea. It transpires that there are three California gray whales stuck under the ice near Point Barrow. Adam captures the incident on his camera and rings his boss to tell him of his findings.

Adam's report on the whales makes it onto the news, where he tells stunned viewers that the ice the whales are trapped under extends five miles to the ocean. No one is more stunned than Rachel Kramer, a Greenpeace activist and Adam's ex-girlfriend. She rings him up to announce that she will help him rescue the whales. Soon enough, Adam not only has the support of his ex but of the entire town as well, all doing what they can to make a path to the ocean through the ice. Adam and Rachel soon find themselves united under a common goal and they slowly start to fall back in love again.

Starring: John Krasinski, Drew Barrymore, Kristen Bell, Dermot Mulroney, Vinessa Shaw, Ted Danson, Stephen Root, Tim Blake Nelson, James LeGros, Rob Riggle, Andrew Daly, Bruce Altman, Gregory Jbara, Michael Gaston, Mark Ivanir and Jonathan Slavin

Burlesque Review

Very Good
It's difficult to imagine a more outrageously camp movie than this glittery romp, and fortunately there's a sense that the cast and crew understand this.

By never taking their ludicrous plot seriously, they've made a true guilty pleasure.

Fed up with dead-end Iowa, Ali (Aguilera) heads for Hollywood. Despite having no experience or training, she's sure she can make it as a singer-dancer. After a series of rejections, she stumbles upon the Burlesque Lounge on Sunset, run by jaded diva Tess (Cher) with the help of her long-suffering buddy Sean (Tucci). Ali charms sexy barman Jack (Gigandet) into a barmaid job, while keeping her sights on the stage. And she's also wooed by Marcus (Dane), a developer who's trying to buy the financially strapped club.

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Burlesque Trailer

Ali is a girl who's desperate to break away from her small-town life. Seeking a new start she buys a one way ticket to LA and lands a job waitressing at a club called The Burlesque Lounge, the club owner and headline act is a lady called Tess, though she was willing to give Ali a break by offering her the cocktail waitress job, all Ali wants to do is perform on stage. Enamoured by the lavish and flamboyant costumes and striking choreography Ali is sure she would be a perfect addition to their troupe. Tess doesn't see her potential but a few other of the club workers know Ali's secret; she can sing - a small girl with a big voice.

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When In Rome Trailer

When Beth attends her sisters sporadic wedding in Rome, she expects to fulfil her duties as maid of honour and return to her job focused life in New York. Sick of waiting for love to take its natural course, Beth takes matters into her own hands and jumps into the Fontana di Amore from which she takes a few of the coins to bring her luck on her quest to find love.

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Astroboy Trailer

Watch the trailer for Astroboy

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Pulse (2006) Review

Earlier in 2006, a killer videogame stalked teenagers in Stay Alive; Pulse ups the ante with ghostly wireless signals stalking college students. The latest J-horror remake never pitches itself over the top, refusing to pile on the jump-scares, fake-jump-scares, and the accompanying soundtrack blasts; instead, it takes a low-key approach... along the way becoming completely unconvincing and almost prodigiously unscary. Boring is the new ridiculous.

It's a shame, too, because computer-centric horror is usually a good bet for ridiculousness. Here, the computer stuff isn't detailed enough to really bug the geeks; they'll be too busy pointing out how the movie's screenplay could be improved, and how Kristen Bell takes one of the most disappointing baths in horror history.

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The Cat Returns Review

This rather simplistic entry into the feel-good anime genre comes from Kiroyuki Morita (last seen animating the raunchy Perfect Blue but also responsible for working on the kind-hearted Kiki's Delivery Service). The Cat Returns is Morita's first outing as director, and it's a fair, if ultimately unrealized experience.

The story involves young Haru (voiced for the States by Anne Hathaway), who rescues a helpless cat from an oncoming truck, only to find herself in the debt of a feline kingdom she formerly didn't know existed. Haru is awakened one night by a bizarre procession on her street: It's the king of the cats (Tim Curry), bearing gifts. Before she knows it, she's whisked into the world of the cats, where she is transformed into a half-cat/half-person, and is told she will be marrying the cat she saved, who turns out to be the cat prince.

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Spartan Review

What is the man behind such parlor-room films as The Winslow Boy and House of Games doing directing an explosive military thriller, complete with airdrops and sniper rifles? And starring Val Kilmer? Trust me: Give Spartan ten minutes, and you'll stop asking such stupid questions.

David Mamet's latest project is far from conventional fare, and ultimately that works in his favor. From the opening scene, where two soldiers pursue each other through a jungle, Mamet keeps us guessing. What kind of movie are we watching? Within about 10 minutes, the bones of the story are made clear: the president's daughter (Kristen Bell) has been kidnapped from her dorm room, and the Secret Service pulls out all the stops to get her back. That includes recruiting special operations soldier Robert Scott (Val Kilmer), an uncannily capable military man who's as intuitive with people and motives as he is skilled with weapons.

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Kristen Bell

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