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Bell Burdened With Old Dog

KRISTEN BELL is stuck with an elderly dog she adopted out of pity after Hurricane Katrina - because the ailing pooch is surviving years longer than she had expected.The Couples Retreat star took in three...

Snuggle Fan Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell loves having "snuggle parties" with Dax Shepard.The 'Couples Retreat' actress, who has been dating Dax for almost two years, revealed the secrets to a successful relationship are lengthy hugs, playing board games and...

'Respectful' Russell Brand

Kristen Bell says Russell Brand is "respectful" and not a "womaniser".The Hollywood beauty - who canoodled with the British lothario in the comedy film 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' - has revealed the 34-year-old comic star's image...

Brand's Womanising Put Bell Off

KRISTEN BELL was smitten with RUSSELL BRAND when they met at the screen test for FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL - until she became aware of his womanising ways. The Heroes star was attracted to the British comic...

Bell's Mother Cringed At Dominatrix Role

KRISTEN BELL's mother beamed with pride when the star appeared on the New York stage - but was horrified to see her dressed up as a dominatrix. The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star appeared in the sexy...

Jason Segel And Nick Stoller Contracted For Muppet Movie

Jason Segel and Nick Stoller, the men behind Forgetting Sarah Marshall, have been contracted to create the next Muppets movie.Trade paper Variety reports that after Segel pitched a general concept for a movie featuring the...

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Bell Issues Ban On Couple-naming

HEROES beauty KRISTEN BELL is refusing to let event promoters use her romance with comic DAX SHEPARD to publicise events they attend together. The actress is eager to keep her relationship with Shepard out of...

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