It looks like Disney have hit the jackpot once again, as their latest animation, the festive Frozen, is a hit with critics and looks as though it could be a hit in cinemas too. Starring Idina Menzel, Josh Gad and Kristen Bell and directed by Chris Buck, the film follows Anna, the future Queen of Arendelle, as she races against time to prevent her sister from unwittingly turning the kingdom into an eternally icy realm, meeting some new friends and learning some important lessons on the way.

The film is being commended for its visuals

"This is an icy, snowy world that Disney has never done before," director Chris Buck insisted in a recent featurette for the movie. Stars Kristen Bell and Josh Gad both gushed over the extent of the visuals on offer, with producer Peter del Vecho adding, "We did draw a lot of inspiration from Norway, in fact we sent our art direction team to Norway as the jumping off point."

The cast and crew aren't the only ones blown away by the visual spectacle, as critics have been left in awe of what is on display in Frozen. Among them, Rolling Stone's Peter Travers called the animation "pretty," the songs "tuneful" and declared it to be great festive fun. He wasn't alone in dishing out the praise of the animation and music, as Laremy Legel of said "the animation is beautiful, the music is catchy and the lyrics are clever."

Frozen 2
Like any decent Disney film, there's some great anthropomorphic humour on offer

"A great big snowy pleasure with an emotionally gripping core, brilliant Broadway-style songs and a crafty plot," said the New York Post critic Kyle Smith and as positive as this review is, some have gone one step further to commend the complexity of the movie as well. Frozen is "more psychologically complex" than most Disney films, The New York Times' Stephen Holden wrote in his review. The Hollywood Reporter critic Todd McCarthy wrote that the film was "the first Hollywood film in many years to warn of global cooling rather than warming" and commended it accordingly, also noting that it is "energetic, humorous and not too cloying."

Frozen arrives in cinemas in the UK on 6 December and is available in US cinemas now.

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