To get acquainted with this type of scenery, the production team took research trips to Jackson Hill, Wyo. and to Norway in summer 2012. Thanks to the November 27 release date, a change, which was announced last year, the production schedule was much tighter than that of a typical Disney film – most of the company’s productions take three years, but this one was allotted only two. Despite this, thanks to the two co-directors – while Jennifer Lee focused on the story aspect, art director Michael Giamo worked on characters, scenery and the film’s overall look. Elsa’s look was particularly challenging for the team, because while she is the villain of the story, she isn’t a classic villain. Elsa is conflicted and redeems herself in the end, so she obviously had to be beautiful (if there’s one thing we’ve all learned from Disney, it’s that unattractive people are always evil.)