Fans of Frozen rejoice! Looks like there's plenty more adventures in store for the characters from the animated blockbuster. Publishing company Random House has announced that they will release two children’s books that continue the story of Frozen heroines Anna and Elsa. 

The Academy Award winning film took the world by storm last year and still hasn't stopped

Entitled 'Anna & Elsa #1: All Hail the Queen' and 'Anna & Elsa #2: Memory and Magic', the stories promise to pick up where the film left the young princesses, and build on their relationship as they get to know one another again, and will be published in January 2015. 

But that's not all we can expect, as apparently these two books are only the start of a planned series and it's likely two more books will follow later in the year and then more after that. It's no great surprise that Disney are capitalising on the success of Frozen; the film made over a billion dollars at the box office, and that’s without even considering the merchandising profits. Frozen dolls and figurines are continuing to sell out in shops across the world as demand outstrips supply. 

Of course the books aren’t the last we’ll see of Frozen. Apparently a Broadway production is in the works, a possibility which star Kristen Bell was enthusiastic about, as well as sing-a-long screenings in the vein of The Sound of Music, and of course, an eventual sequel on the big screen. 

Tough luck for those not so enamoured with the world of ice queens and talking snowmen; some people might be sick of hearing ‘Let It Go’, but it seems plenty of children and adults alike are still gripped with Frozen fever. 

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