Hollywood couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are beginning to appreciate the struggles gay couples who want to wed and enjoy legal and financial security face after becoming parents.

The pair became engaged in 2010 and declared there would be no marriage until their gay friends could legally wed across America, but now they're really being challenged after Bell gave birth to baby Lincoln in March (13).

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star explains, "One thing we've learned since having the baby is that, prior to this... we have been fine not being legally married, but there are a crazy amount of steps that you have to go to to insure 'What if someone is on a ventilator? What you do with your will? Where does the money go...?' All these things about raising a child that made it very real to us.

"Now we feel, first hand, why we're fighting for it (gay marriage)... It can be done but it's too frustrating and it's not necessary. If you have a child or love each other you should be able to get married."