Everyone knows that health and fitness is extremely important, so Kristen Bell wants to make sure her children know that by being the perfect role model for taking regular exercise because she knows they'll copy everything she does. But does she take it a step too far?

Kristen Bell at NBC Universal Upfront EventKristen Bell at NBC Universal Upfront Event

Of course, it's not unusual for a Hollywood star to take their health and fitness seriously for the sake of maintaining their bodies, but 37-year-old Kristen says it's more about her own mental health, and that of her children's, than anything else. She tries not to think about it as a physical appearance thing.

'To me, being healthy means feeling good about the choices I'm making, and most important, it's about keeping fit mentally and physically', she told Shape magazine in an interview. 'I'm constantly reminding myself it's not about my thighs: It's about my commitment and my happiness level.'

She hopes that her daughters - 4-year-old Lincoln and 2-year-old Delta - will take on that same mentality, and does her best to enforce that in them even if it means working out whenever she's with them. And lo and behold, they are starting to take notice.

'It's important to me to show my children that I care about my health and fitness enough to stay committed. So when I'm in their room with them, I'll do squats', she confesses. 'When they ask what I'm doing, I'll say I'm getting my physical fitness in. And because they copy everything I do, the next time they pick up a heavy bag they'll say, 'I'm getting my workout in.' It's a value I want to instill in my kids at an early age - that paying attention to your body is mandatory.'

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Kristen takes every spare moment to take advantage of work-out opportunities, even on a regular family day out. 'At home, when my kids and I are on a walk, and they're meandering and looking at leaves, I'll do lunges. I get it in however and whenever I can', she says.