Kristen Bell doesn't think having a newborn baby is overly stressful.

The 'House of Lies' actress, who is expecting her second child and already has daughter Lincoln, 19-months, with her husband, Dax Shepard, admits they are way more relaxed this time round and haven't started decorating a nursery for their unborn baby yet.

The 34-year-old star, who is in her third trimester, told Us Weekly magazine: ''There's been zero nursery prep... we're just going to push it around in a bassinet. Caring for a newborn is pretty stressful, but no overly so - just feed it and keep it clean.''

'Parenthood' star Dax, 39, has been trying to help the 'Veronica Mars' actress as much as possible as she enters the final stages of her pregnancy.

She said: ''He's the best. I need help getting my shoes on and off. I can't touch my toes anymore!''

Kristen previously admitted she was too busy taking care of Lincoln to think about names for the next child.

She said: ''It's hard to take focus off her [Lincoln] and think about the second baby, even though the second baby is here and growing.''