Kristen Bell is kept "grounded" by her daughters' insults.

The 42-year-old actress is mother to Lincoln, nine, and seven-year-old Delta with husband Dax Shepard and joked that they "bring her back down to earth" when she comes home from a day at work.

She said: "The amount of insults that they can hurl at me in a very short period of time. it really brings me back down to earth. I come home from a day like today - which is pretty elegant and fancy - and we're talking about work and I've had my makeup but they will just they'll pull the rug out from under you so quickly.

"My autobiography title would be 'My Kids Keep Me Grounded!'"

The 'Frozen' star revealed that while she and Dax tied the knot in 2013, the 'Armchair Expert' host didn't believe in marriage when they first met and saw it as "a piece of paper" but still promised to always "treat [her] like a queen.

She told E! News: "When I first met Dax, he actually didn't believe in getting married. But he explained it in such a way that he was like...'A piece of paper is not going to make me treat you better. I will treat you like a queen on a daily basis because that's the commitment I'm making.'

"We love the romance. When we walk in the parks or on trails hiking Hollywood, we're pointing out lovebirds to our girls. We're like, 'Look, those people are lovebirds' if people are holding hands."

Meanwhile, Kristen previously insisted it can be really "valuable" for parents to pick up the phone and ask for help when they need it.

She said: "Do not be afraid to use your support system has been a really valuable piece of advice for me. It's one thing to know you have friends and family, a neighbor, a cousin, whatever, but it's quite another to pick up the phone when you need something!"