Kristen Bell practises self-care to keep her "sanity intact".

The 'Frozen' star - who recently released her CBD skincare line, Happy Dance - insists self-care shouldn't be "eventized" and instead should be something that's done daily and not just as simple as "having a manicure".

Speaking to the New York Post's Page Six column, she said: "One thing I’ve learned during this pandemic is that I really like and need to take baths. The only time I am allowed to lock the door in my house is when I’m taking a bath ... Self-care is not something to be 'event-ized'.

"It’s something I need daily to keep my sanity intact. Self-care isn’t leaving the house for a manicure with your girlfriends once a month - that’s just leaving the house for a manicure with your girlfriends once a month."

Meanwhile, Kristen  joined forces with Lord Jones, an industry leader in hemp-derived products, to create a new CBD skincare collection called Happy Dance.

Kristen explained: "I first discovered Lord Jones CBD products two years ago and have been using them ever since. I was sceptical at first, but was quickly blown away by the quality, integrity, and consistency in all of the products. When I met Lord Jones founders Rob and Cindy, we aligned on a shared desire to make a CBD line that would be accessible to a wider audience at a lower price point while maintaining the same trusted quality as the Lord Jones brand."

Rob Rosenheck, the chief executive of Lord Jones, added: "Kristen has a singular voice and has always been outspoken about what she loves and believes. Her passion, authenticity and kindness will be at the core of Happy Dance and make her the perfect messenger to bring CBD self-care to the mainstream."