Kristen Bell's favourite Disney song is 'A Whole New World'.

The 'Frozen' star loves the Oscar winning classic ballad from 'Aladdin' and frequently sings her own versions to help her remember her lines on TV show 'House of Lies'.

When asked to pick a Disney karaoke song, she replied: '''A Whole New World'. Don Cheadle and I sang it on set almost every week, but we'd add different words, and use the dialogue we were given. It's a very popular song on the 'House of Lies' set.''

Kristen - who recently married Dax Shepard, with whom she has eight-month-old daughter Lincoln - also talked about her excitement at bringing her character Veronica Mars to the big screen next year, and her hopes it could see the TV series being revitalised.

She added to OK! magazine: ''I would be involved with that character until the day I die.

''I would do 12 movies like the 'Star Trek' series. My heart aches a tiny bit because I have a lot of fun on 'House of Lies', and you can't have two TV contracts at one time. But I would love it if 'Veronica Mars' had any kind of life continuously.''