The Veronica Mars movie wouldn’t exist without the Internet. It gave fans the perfect forum in which to discuss their favourite show, and eventually provided a platform on which funds could be raised for the movie. Now, after the Kickstarter campaign proved successful, have they managed to replicate the TV version’s quality on the big screen?

Veronica MarsVeronica Mars investigates once again...

The film, of course, focuses on Veronica Mars – played by Kristen Bell, who returns to reprise her role. She’s interviewing at a high-end New York law firm on the even of graduating law school. With Neptune behind her, she’s looking forward to long and fruitful career, but a phone call from her ex-boyfriend (Jason Dohring) who has been accused of murder changes that.

“As a nostalgia trip, and a valentine to the virtues of its terrific source material, Veronica Mars gets the job done,” wrote A.A Dowd, who gave the film a solid ‘B’ for A.V Club. It was the same score from Entertainment Weekly. Critic Owen Gleiberman said: "The film gets us to see, in a new way, the strengths and weaknesses of weekly series television that viewers too often take for granted.”

Village Voice’s Stephanie Zacharek spoke of the film’s special appeal to those who enjoyed the cult TV show. “For people who loved the show, as I did, it's like fan fiction without the delusional megalomania. We don't have to keep writing these characters' stories for ourselves; Thomas has done it for us - and, trust me, he's better at it.”

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The show’s past could have come back to haunt it, with too many references ruining its direction. Thankfully, according to Slant Magazine’s Abhimanyu Das, it managed to avoid that. “For all its references to the show's history, the film never panders. It's an evolution of the core concept as opposed to a nostalgia-tinged reproduction, and is all the better for it,” went the review.

The conclusion is obvious: if you’re a fan of the show, you’ll 100% want to check this out. But did the reviews even matter?