Kristen Bell is planning to have more children with Dax Shepard.

The couple - who married on October 17 in Beverly Hills, California - have a nine-month-old daughter, Lincoln, together but are not planning on waiting to give her a younger brother or sister.

The 'Frozen' actress said: ''I would love to give her a sibling. I had two older sisters ad I think the relationship between siblings is so special. You're able to share that, 'We're all in this together,' feeling. Because growing up is, like, the worst. Your body hurts and you can't communicate with anyone, and you think you know stuff before you know it, and your parents are idiots, and they're embarrassing.''

Lincoln is starting to grow into her own features and Kristen, 33, says the tot has inherited the best features of her mother and her father Dax, 38.

Speaking in the new US issue of OK! magazine, Kristen said: ''She looks almost identical to both of us. She thankfully got all the good features of both of us. She's not spazzy [sic] like me. She's not aggressive. She's got both of our gentle sides.''