Disney’s Frozen is one of those films that would just make sense as a Broadway musical. You know it, we know it, Kristen Bell knows it too. The star of Disney’s Oscar-winning flick recently told EW that she would love to reprise her role as princess Anna in a stage version. She also made a valid point. “I certainly hope that they try!”

Kristen Bell, Veronica Mars
Bell is currently on Veronica Mars duty, but she would love to do a Frozen stage play, given the chance.

Bell said about whether Disney would ask her to return. “Everybody in Frozen is a Broadway veteran so I certainly hope they try and wrangle us.”

In the clip from Sirius XM, Bell also talks about her friend and co-star Idina Menzel or, if you’re John Travolta, Adele Dazeem: “It was fun to work with Adele, but not nearly as fun as working with Idina, who I know and love,” Stewart said, quickly picking up the joke of the hour. “No one in the audience I think picked up on it.”

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She continued: “Our section, who knows Idina very well, a lot of the people from Frozen were in my section, caught it. But then it launched right into her performance and everyone was so swept away with how brilliant she is. It wasn’t till afterwards that everybody realised that there had been maybe a flub.” Mostly, Bell is happy that the blunder ended up bringing some long overdue attention to her talented co-star: “She got a long overdue spotlight for her talent level.”

Menzel is, of course, a Broadway veteran, probably best known for her part in the original Rent. Stewart also started off her career as a stage actor. In short, there could not be a cast, better suited for a Broadway adaptation. In the meantime, Bell is promoting the highly anticipated Veronica Mars movie, out in US theaters today, March 14th.

Kristen Bell, Veronica Mars
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