On the second day of the San Diego Comic-Con International (Friday 19 June), the team behind the fan-funded Veronica Mars film adaption were on hand to answer questions from fans and press as well as discuss some insider information from behind the scenes of the long-awaited leap to the big screen. If that wasn't enough, fans were treated to their first glimpse of the movie, which you can see for yourself below.

The show's creator Rob Thomas, it's star Kristen Bell and the rest of the cast chaired a panel for the movie to debut the first teaser trailer for the film (which features a surprise casting in the shape of Jamie Lee Curtis) and gave praise to the financial backers of the film, which was fan-funded through Kickstarter. Before the panel could be introduced though, fan were treated to the above video, which essentially doubled up as the first teaser trailer.

"I can tell you that it sort of has a Godfather III theme to it," Thomas said after the clip, "Which is odd, because why not pick Godfather II? It was better. … I can tell you [Bell's Veronica character] has not worked as a private detective since the last time you saw her. Part of this movie is her getting back into this life she thought she left behind."

Kristen Bell
Bell returns as Veronica Mars!

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As we can see in the trailer, the film follows Veronica 10 years after leaving Neptune High, having graduated college and abandoned her junior detective days for a much more profitable profession. Although it is a life she hoped to leave behind, as Thomas pointed out in his opening statement, over the course of the movie she slowly reverts to her 'sitting in a car taking photos' days once again.

The panel discussed the film at length, but staying true to those who made the movie possible, they also opened up to the fans during an emotional Q&A session. The actors who have kept a low profile since The CW canceled the series in 2007 were particularly taken by the fan appreciation and a visibly emotional Francis Capra admitted that he thought people had forgotten about him. Despite it's humble origins, the film's crew hope it will be a surprise hit and if it is then fans can hope to see a franchise emerging from the first film.

Veronica Mars will be released in cinemas in early 2014.

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Veronica MArs
Bell attended Comic Con with her co-stars