The Veronica Mars movie is happening!

We’d love to say “told you so”, but really, did anyone have any doubts? With a funny campaign video, some pretty awesome perks and an extremely devoted cult following, it was pretty much certain that the Kickstarter campaign, which went online yesterday, would reach its goal of $2 million. What people didn’t expect though, was that it would happen in less than 24 hours. This makes it not only the biggest and most ambitious Kickstarter project to date, but also the fastest to reach its goal. So, the moral of the story? All hail the awesome power of the internet. And devoted fans, of course.

Now Kristen Bell just has to take care of all those personal phone call perks. It’s probably good that they didn’t say “home visit” or something. People really do miss the feisty teenage detective and the whole VM crew, whose on-screen lives were cut short after just three seasons. So now the show’s creator Rob Thomas, along with what's left of the talented cast, face the difficult task of making a film that will please the hardcore marsmallows. You guessed it, that’s the affectionate name for the VM fandom. With the budget taken care of, you can expect the film on a screen near you sometime in 2014. Can we get three cheers?

Kristen Bell
Veronica Mars lead Kristen Bell on the Golden Globes red carpet

Enrico Colantoni
Co-star Enrico Colantoni at the Gemini Awards