Our favorite high school detective is headed for the big screen – that’s right, the Veronica Mars series is officially going to be turned into a feature film.

If you haven’t seen Veronica Mars, shame on you, go sit in the corner. But also, it is the story of a teenager with a traumatic past, who uses all of the skills she’s learned from her PI father to correct injustices around her school, full of privileged teenagers, while also trying to solve the mystery of her own assault. It’s good. Seriously, watch it.

With only three seasons of the show, fans have been pretty much begging for the cult series to be turned into a movie. The show’s creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell have been dropping subtle hints that they would be on board for the project and earlier today, the rumour became a reality with the launch of a Kickstarter for the movie. At $2 million, this is by far the largest Kickstarter goal ever set, but it doesn’t seem unrealistic, with more than 7,000 backers having donated more than half a million to the cause already. That number keeps changing by the second as fans clamor to support the idea. Clearly, people really want to see the Veronica Mars film realized. Plus, the Kickstarter campaign does include some sweet perks for the backers, including a digital copy of the shooting script, signed posters and even a producer credit. And if that doesn’t stir your passions, there is also the campaign video, which is probably the cutest thing the cast have ever done.

So, not to get too ahead of ourselves, but if everything goes according to plan, Veronica Mars should be coming to a screen near you in the not-so-distant-future. Hurrah!

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell at the 2013 Golden Globes Red Carpet

Enrico Colantoni

Co-star Enrico Colantoni at the Gemini Awards Red Carpet