To put it lightly, fans were not at all happy when The CW series Veronica Mars was abruptly cancelled in 2007. The series launched Kristen Bell’s career, who has since gone on to star in Forgetting Sarah Marshall alongside Mila Kunis and Jason Segal, as well as providing the voice for Anna in Disney’s smash hit animation movie Frozen.

Veronica Mars movie
Kristen Bell has starred in a string of successful projects since she played Veronica Mars

Cue six years of fan-led protests and the most shocking thing of all. They actually won. It’s such a rare occurrence and impressive achievement that we’re still in disbelief that they managed to pull it off! Veronica Mars fans really are dedicated to their cause.

Although the series was never renewed, on March 14th the Veronica Mars movie will be released to the public so everybody still reeling from the 2007 cancellation will finally get their fix of the teenage detective. We’re sure that fans will be queueing to see the midnight release of the movie, but critics have been divided about whether Veronica’s return to the screen is a welcome one or not.

Veronica, the daughter of a private investigator who is at odds with the police force, began her career as a teenage sleuth when she took the law in to her own hands to solve the murder of her best friend. As is the requisite for detective shows, many more mysteries followed, although in the movie we find recently graduated law student Veronica ten years older and trying to leave her crime solving days in the past. That is, until her past catches up with her...

UK newspaper The Guardian has received the movie well, praising Kristen Bells performance: “Bell plays it with the sharp wit, keen intellect, and mushy empathy that gave us a reason to love Veronica in the first place”.  Guardian reviewer Matt Patches even goes as far to compare Veronica's resurrection as on parr with Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, in terms of reviving a character.  

Sadly, Variety didn’t receive the movie with such gusto, surmising “At a fairly fleet 107 minutes, the film doesn’t even attempt to match the sprawling narrative density that made the series’ first season in particular so compelling”, before concluding “Veronica is still hard as nails, yet also, in her honest self-appraisal, as soft as a marshmallow - a description that unfortunately also applies to the movie. There’s no real edge or surprise to any of it”.

Film critics are definitely split down the middle when it comes to the new Veronica Mars movie, but we think we’ll wait until we can see it to make our own minds up.

Were you a fan of the original series? Will you be going to see the movie on Friday?

Watch the trailer for Veronica Mars here.