The Veronica Mars movie is one of the most fan-driven Hollywood projects of all time, so it would only make sense that the cast and production team would grace the fans with frequent progress reports. The first ones came with the release of several images from the set at the movie’s kickoff last week. One of the stills, obtained by MTV shows star Kristen Bell, behind the wheel of a convertible, wearing her the classic “Who, me?” expression that fans of the show are ever so familiar with.

The car is parked in front of what is described as “Neptune’s hottest nightclub” – 09ER, a callback to the “rich kids” clique in the first series. The social divide between the rich and the lower class in Neptune was a key theme in the first and second seasons of VM and we can only assume this means that Rob Thomas and co. will be bringing it back for the movie.

Meanwhile, everyone on set has remained Instagram active as well. Kristen Bell recently instagrammed a photo of herself, holding what looks like a script for the film and a bunch of VM merch, while the official production Instagram kicked off the festivities with a snap of a clapper board, accompanied by the caption: "Annnnnnnnd.... ACTION. @TheVeronicaMarsMovie has now started shooting!"

About time, too. Fans of the series have been waiting for this movie ever since the original series was cancelled in 2007. But even if the release is still quite a long way off, the fact that this project was crowd funded, means that at least we can expect frequent and detailed updates from set. Plus the occasional goofy video, like the most recent one from Ryan Hansen, which you can check out below.

Kristen Bell, 2013 CMT Music Awards
Kristen Bell is in constant communication with the fans.

Ryan Hansen, Hit & Run Premiere
Ryan Hansen has just recently confirmed his involvement.