Kristen Stewart has landed roles in both 'Camp X-Ray' and 'Sils Maria'.

The 23-year-old actress has a busy summer ahead after committing to shoot Peter Sattler's politically charged flick and Olivier Assayas' new drama back-to-back, according to Deadline.

'Camp X-Ray' will be a big departure for the 'Twilight' actress, who is set to star as a young woman who joins the army in a bid to escape her small-town life, only to find herself sent to work at Guantanamo Bay detention camp. Suffering from abuse from the men in her charge, she forms an unlikely bond with a man who has been incarcerated for eight years.

Gina Kwon and Sophia are on board as producers, while Sattler will bring his own script to life.

Stewart will then join an A-list cast including Juliette Binoche and Chloe Grace Moretz in 'Sils Maria'.

French filmmaker Assayas wrote the film about an actress suffering from a midlife crisis specifically for Binoche, who he worked with on 'Summer Hours'.

Binoche's character becomes obsessed with a young actress (Moretz) who is playing the part which originally made her famous, while Stewart has been cast as Binoche's assistant.

The brunette recently pulled out of Warner Bros.' forthcoming heist thriller 'Focus', and is also due to film a sequel to 'Snow White and the Huntsman'.