Kristen Stewart loves "uniform".

The 'Happiest Season' actress felt "better" while quarantining at home amid the coronavirus pandemic if she got dressed up to go out and particularly enjoyed wearing "matching" garments.

She said: "Usually, I'm a really uniform-based person. For certain weeks, I was getting dressed every morning as if I had somewhere to go. It made me feel better.

"There was a period of time when I only wanted to wear s*** that was matching. I have a leopard-print suit thing that is really fun to wear around the house. So, we wore suits and sets. And then these silky, robe-y things.

"My dad used to wear a robe around the house, and it was very floofy. I am small, so if I wear a puffy robe, it just looks so lame. The reason I didn't like robes is that I felt silly and dinky, and I don't like feeling silly and dinky...

"Basically, I've been stepping outside of wearing jeans and T-shirts. Within the confines of my own home, of course."

The 30-year-old actress is one of the faces of Chanel and though she's got a lot of clothes from the fashion house, she admitted she isn't "daring" enough to wear a lot of them.

Speaking to her 'Happiest Season' director, Clea DuVall, she said: "I have all my Chanel s*** together. Sometimes I just walk by it. My little black jacket is sitting there.

"I have a couple of bags that are really classic. But then I have so many things that a more daring, cooler person would wear. Maybe if I have kids, they'll be like, 'Why aren't you wearing this incredible thing?' Maybe someone will step in and utilise my wardrobe."