Kristen Stewart will hopefully, finally, be able to shake that singular association with Bella Swan and The Twilight Saga, and reinvent herself in movies that garner a little more respect from the film industry, since it's finished. And, she'll have plenty of time to do that as she plans to be in the business for a long time. 

Speaking to E! on the red carpet for her latest movie, an adaptation for On the Road, she was asked her about plans acting, "Oh man, I really love my job," she said, "I would not give it up." E! also revealed that she'll be spending Christmas and NYE with Robert Pattinson, before he jets off to start work on his next big project. Plus, despite telling Robert Pattinson to ditch K-Stew after she cheated on him in the summer, Jon Stewart praised her on her performance, when she joined him on The Daily Show: "It's a terrific performance," Jon told her. "For a novel that they say is unfilmable, you guys did a hell of a job. So nice work."

Although Jon Stewart's made a turn around about his opinion of Kristen, reported by Entertainment wise, according to a poll at The National Wedding Show saw Robert Pattinson be voted the most eligible bachelor jointly with Prince Harry, showing that despite the reconciliation between the pair the rest of the public still consider him fair game.