Kristen Stewart, Governors Awards

Kristen Stewart was on the prowl at the Academy's Governor Awards but she'll have to go some to get Twilight an Oscar

Hosted by the Academy, the Governors Awards gave plenty of Hollywood stars the chance to schmooze up to the organisers of the prestigious Oscar awards, in the hope that a strong social showing might lead to an eventual nomination when the big awards themselves come around in the new year. Does it ever work? Who can tell, but there were certainly a lot of the great and good out at the event on Saturday evening (December 1).

Ewan McGregor, Governors Awards 

Ewan McGregor was just one of an array of stars who walked the red carpet

Indeed, it might save time to simply tell you who wasn't there rather than was out of the Hollywood A-list, but to name just a few names making appearance: Will Smith, Kristen Stewart, Tom Hanks, Seth Macfarlane, George Lucas, Quentin Tarantino, Richard Gere, Bradley Cooper... the list went on and one. Tom Hanks was there to present a humanitarian award to animator Jerry Katzenberg. Other honorary statuettes went to D A Pennebaker, George Stevens Jr and Hal Needham.

Quentin Tarantino, Governors AwardsBradley Cooper, Governors Awards

Two men who weren't exactly going all out to impress with their appearance was the always odd looking Quentin Tarantino [Left] and - more surprisingly - Hollywood hunk Bradley Cooper [Right]

George Lucas seemed in good spirits, a man - dare we say it - enjoying the freedom of having finally moved on from his own huge shadow, after selling the Star Wars franchise to Disney for over $4 billion last month. Contrast this with Bradley Cooper, widely known as an award-winning hunk, he was looking rather ropey indeed, having not even made the effort to shave. He was eclipsed by the ageing silver fox Richard Gere, still looking as classy as ever, whilst Will Smith also rocked his trademark cool. 

Will Smith, Governors Ball

We'll never get tired of seeing Big Will Smith's smile at events like these

Richard Gere, Governors Awards

Richard Gere's still got it too, so says us

Of the Oscar 2013 hopefuls, Quentin Tarantino was probably among the most likely there, with all eyes fixed on the debut of Django Unchained later this month. Stewart and Twilight won't be getting anywhere near the awards of course, the series has never been with the critical acclaim to match its commercial success. However, just by getting invited to this traditionally prestigious event, it proved that the actress was most definitely in the big leagues now.

George Lucas and Mellody Hobson

George Lucas and Mellody Hobson look relaxed as they arrive

Seth Macfarlane, Governors Awards 

As did Seth Macfarlane. The Family Guy creator's had a successful year, with his film debut Ted receiving huge commercial success