With the Twilight franchise firmly behind her, Kristen Stewart has moved on to bigger and better things – namely the Guantanamo Bay drama Camp X-Ray, which debuted during the first day of the Sundance Film Festival on Friday. Other titles from Friday include “Whiplash,” the surprise hit starring Miles Teller and Aaron Paul’s first post-Breaking Bad project, Hellion.

Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul stars in the coming of age drama Hellion.

The film is so far receiving moderate reviews – according to The Huffington Post, there are some things that work and some that don’t and Stewart’s performance is simply described as “fine”. Stewart plays Amy Cole – a private stationed at Guantanamo, whose job it is to make sure the detainees stay alive. According to the Huff Post review, the film carries a strong message, but the execution makes it slightly boring and too contained within its setting. Still, it’s probably a good thing that Kristen Stewart has moved so far away from the teen movie genre. Maybe.

Kristen Stewart, Camp X-Ray Set
Kristen Stewart makes her shaky post-Twilight return with Camp X-Ray.