Returning from whence she came, well, her fame anyway, Kristen Wiig will be back on Saturday Night Live as host for one night only. And she’ll be joined by Ben Affleck for what promises to be a memorable evening at SNL studios.

Affleck will in fact become a member of the 5-time club - a feat recently achieved by Justin Timberlake – when he joins Wiig to close out the 38th season of this comedy juggernaut. She recently said that she has felt "lost" since leaving the show. "The show was seven years of my life and a six-day work week and you're constantly with your friends all day, all night," she explained. "You sort of live and breathe the show. Then, when it's over, you kind of feel a little lost … It was definitely an adjustment -- even just the hours and [no longer] being in New York," she said. Vampire Weekend are set to provide the soundtrack for proceedings.

Kristen WiigBen Affleck
Wiig and Affleck are set to pair their comedy stylings for SNL

It’s a busy time at the moment for Wiig; she stars in four movies which are expected to hit theaters in 2013: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty with Ben Stiller, The Skeleton Twins with Bill Hader and indie movies Imogene and Hateship, Friendship. Meanwhile, Affleck has pledged to live on $1.50 a day to raise awareness for poverty as part of the Live Below The Line initiative.