Kristen Wiig has been dropping hints that she's finally ready to leave 'Saturday Night Live,' telling Alec Baldwin on his radio show that it'll simply be "time" to go soon. Wiig joined the 'Saturday Night Live' cast in its 31st season back in 2005 but has since gone on to co-write 'Bridesmaids,' one of the most critically lauded films of the past year or so, and other projects have inevitably started coming along.
Wiig though refused to put such a careerist slant on any eventual decision to leave though, telling Baldwin "I'm going to miss that camaraderie and I'm going to miss seeing all those faces every day, and what the people bring out in me, creatively. That creative muscle that you have when you're at 'snl,' you know, it's so fast-paced," said Wiig, whose 'snl' characters include hard-to-please movie critic Aunt Linda.