Raise your hand, if you’re super excited about Kristen Wiig’s The Girl Most Likely. If you didn’t, you certainly should have. It stars Kristen Wiig (that in itself is reason enough to want to see it) and from the trailer, the film seems like a sort of Silver Linings Playbook with the genders reversed. This time, the lovable loser, who gets driven to temporary insanity is played by Wiig and there’s also a booze-and-bets addict of a mom, who adds another stumbling block on the path to recovery. But oh wait, we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet.

Just as Silver Linings had its romantic interest, who helps the protagonist overcome his troubles, played by Jennifer Lawrence (admittedly, a manic pixie dream girl character), so does Girl Most Likely. And in this case, the dreamy young rescuer will be played by… drumroll please… Darren Chris! Fangirls, you can scream now. This film will be the Glee heartthrob’s first ever feature film role and, from the trailer, it seems like it’s going to allow him to finally come into his own as an actor. It’s also going to allow him to look rather gorgeous on a big screen, but that’s probably beside the point. All in all, The Girl Most Likely probably won’t be a summer blockbuster, but it does look most likely to provide some clever, heartfelt, light entertainment during the long hot summer months. The movie opens July 19th. You’re free to make up your own mind about it though, after checking out the trailer below.