Kristin Cavallari is inspired by Kate Moss

The former 'The Hills' star - who gave birth to her second son, Jaxon, with Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, in May this year - admires the Croydon-born supermodel's ''effortless'' dressing and describes her as the ''ultimate style icon''.

When asked to name her fashion inspirations, Kristin told Line magazine: ''Kate Moss. She's my ultimate style icon. I've never seen a bad outfit on her. She's so effortless and chic and nails street style.''

The blonde beauty - who co-hosts the E! fashion talk show 'The Fabulist' - also admitted that being a mother leaves little time to shop for new clothes, although she is often given treats by her husband Jay, 31, who recently gifted her a backpack from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's fashion line The Row.

She said:''I've been in baby land so I haven't really bought anything recently. Jay gave me a great push present - a backpack from The Row! And that was one item I had been eyeing for a while.''

Although Kristin doesn't have the time to update her wardrobe, the 27-year-old makes a conscious effort to stick to an organic diet and stays clear of ''toxic chemicals'' in over processed, unnatural foods.

She said: ''I don't eat toxic chemicals, so I never count calories, but I'm always reading labels. I try to eat organic as often as possible. We do a ton of grass-fed beef and real butter. If I'm going to eat something I want it to be real food - no fake, processed chemical crap. And I try to make sure I get in at least a few vegetables every day.''