Kristin Cavallari's beauty line is "unlike" any other brand out there in terms of "clean standards".

The 34-year-old TV star will release Uncommon Beauty on May 13, and she has revealed the aim was to make products that are "really effective" and also meet her very high clean beauty standards, which she feels haven't been met with products she is aware of in the market.

She told People: "I live a very clean lifestyle. Everything I'm putting in my body is clean. I want to make sure everything I'm putting on my body is just as clean. So we decided, let's do a line that really is clean, to our standards, that's still really effective."

Kristin also felt it was important to create five core products so the consumer can easily fit the beauty routine into their busy lives.

She explained: "We wanted to strip it down, so instead of having 20 different products, we wanted to give you five that really check every box and get the job done, so that it's not overwhelming and it's not stressful. We live in a modern time. We're modern women. We don't want to be spending 30 minutes every morning getting ready. I like things quick and easy."

'The Hills' legend added that while she has looked to other lines for inspiration, Uncommon Beauty is "what represents me" and will therefore be unique.

She added: "I will look to other people for inspiration, obviously, I know what's going on and who's launching what line but I don't let that steer my decision making on anything because I think ultimately with everything I've done — Uncommon James, the jewellery, now beauty — I'm doing me.

"I'm a fan of some of the other skincare lines that are out there and jewellery lines too. But I think that we can stand on our own because the thing that's most important to me is that this is clean. And I haven't found anything out there that I can really stand behind and say, 'This meets my clean standards.

"I think that there's an appetite for everything. So even if somebody else similar to me launched a skincare line, it would be different because we would be different. I'm creating what represents me."