Kristin Cavallari relies on the Easter Bunny to keep her sons ''on their best behaviour.''

The former 'The Hills' star, who has Camden, two, and Jaxon, 10 months, with husband Jay Cutler, says she is a huge fan of the holiday and started stocking up on chocolate treats weeks ago.

The 28-year-old beauty told Yahoo! Makers: ''We'll actually be travelling home on Easter this year from a beach vacation. I have the boys's Easter baskets all ready to go for when we return home that day.

''I like getting everything ready the week before so that I'm not stressed the morning of. We decorate a couple weeks before and dye Easter eggs to get the boys excited. We talk about the Easter Bunny and use that to keep the kids on their best behaviour!''

Kristen enjoys getting her children involved in the festivities and made lots of homemade decorations with Camden.

The shoe designer explained: ''I bought egg and bunny cut-outs that we decorated. We put bows, baskets and tails on the bunnies and drew different patterns on the eggs. We also painted eggs then drew on them with chalk which was different and a lot of fun. It was definitely messy for Camden though. He was covered in paint by the time it was done!

''I keep the decorations simple and don't get too worked up over it. I like the kids to do most of the decorations so the house never looks incredible, but it's fun for the boys and keeps it fun.''