Kristin Cavallari was "insecure" about her acne-prone skin as a teen.

The 34-year-old television personality has just launched her first-ever skincare line, Uncommon Beauty, and spoke about how she struggled with breakouts throughout high school.

The 'Laguna Beach' alum later became used to having lots of make-up slapped on for photoshoots and red carpets, but she'd always wished that she could walk out with no make-up on and "still feel good".

She shared: “In high school, I was always prone to breakouts, so I wasn’t a fan of my skin. I was always insecure about my breakouts. And then being in the entertainment business, going to these photoshoots and filming TV, they always put so much make-up on you. I wanted to have the confidence to be able to go out into the world with no make-up on my face and still feel good.”

With Uncommon Beauty, Kristin did her research to ensure her products were "clean" and don't contain any nasties such as "fillers and silicones".

She said: “I brought in all the products I was using at the time, which I thought were clean; turns out, they’re not at all. It was kind of alarming when we did a deep dive.

“We sent off all my products to a lab, and they came back and told me that actually, there’s a lot of fillers and silicones and all kinds of crap in [them].”

In her twenties, Kristin became known for her flawless complexion and revealed she would often get asked if she'd had Botox.

Kristin recalled how: “People started asking me if I’d had Botox during interviews at, like, age 22. And I was so confused."

The fashion designer believes people should "embrace ageing" and admitted she would never have Botox or fillers herself, because of the uncertainty about "the long-term effects of the stuff".

She added to Page Six Style: “I have fine lines on my face! I don’t care. I’m really expressive. I like that my face moves. I’m not knocking Botox or fillers; to each their own. I just think for me and my life, it’s not for me. They scare me, to be honest, because we don’t know the long-term effects of the stuff. I think we should embrace ageing!”