The Broadway star takes Xanax before take-off because the pills help to calm her flying fears and send her to sleep, but she came round during one flight to find an unwanted hand on her person.

The Glee star recalls, "The guy next to me was fake sleeping... I woke up and his hand was right here (on my thigh), like I wasn't gonna notice.

"I thought, because I'm from the South, 'I don't wanna be rude and I don't wanna wake him up, but really this is p**sing me off'... So I just, like, tap tap... (and) he got a smile on his face."

Chenoweth finally removed his hand and the guy still didn't wake up.

She tells U.S. chat show host Conan O'Brien, "You just gotta watch these people... When we landed I got weird and pretended it didn't happen and so did he. Why did I do that?"