Actress Kristin Davis' endorsement of cosmetics line Ahava has cost her - the star has been dropped as the face of Oxfam International.
The former Oxfam Global Ambassador has been caught up in a crossfire of Middle Eastern politics through her work with the organisation, which seeks to end global poverty.
Bosses have released Davis from her post after learning the actress endorses Ahava - made by Dead Sea Cosmetics in the Jewish settlement of Mitzhe Shalemin in the West Bank, in what Oxfam regards as "disputed" territory.
A spokesperson for Oxfam tells the New York Post, "Kristin Davis has done great work for Oxfam and we highly value her commitment as a supporter... Oxfam remains opposed to settlement trade, in which Ahava is engaged. Both Kristin and Oxfam do not want this issue to detract from the great work we have done in the past and plan to do in the future."
But the Sex & the City star insists she'll continue to work with the organisation despite losing her official post.
Her spokesperson adds, "Kristin is passionate about her relationship with Oxfam, and she intends to work with them and other humanitarian causes for years to come."