Kristin Davis is learning how to balance looking after a baby and performing on Broadway.

The former 'Sex And The City' actress is currently starring in 'The Best Man', while taking care of adopted daughter Gemma Rose who she became a mother to last summer.

She told People magazine: ''The show is at night most of The Days, so I spend all morning and all day with her then I go do the show at night.

''It's actually [a] really great schedule for a mum. I'm able to be with her and have a job, which is rare and wonderful.''

The 47-year-old actress continued: ''She's trying to walk -- she hasn't walked totally alone, but she walks with furniture. She's doing great. I'm not trying to push her.''

''Especially as a single mum, you have to be really on your toes. Once they start moving around as well, you can't be foggy.''

Kristin added: There are so many things that can happen, so it gives me such peace of mind to know that there's something I can Take That's healthy. Zarbee's coats my throat gently, doesn't affect my performance and doesn't affect me getting up at 6 a.m. with my baby.''

''In L.A. we have a big bin of books and a big bin of toys and in the morning, when we go to play, she goes for the book bin. I'm very proud of her.''