If you had high hopes for the new CW drama, Beauty and The Beast, then prepare to have them dashed. The new series, which is based on the 1980s show starring Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman (and not on the classic Disney film – if you were expecting that, you’ll definitely be disappointed) has been slated by the critics for a lack of chemistry between the show’s stars and bad characterisation from the scriptwriters.

Entertainment Weekly’s summary of the series’ premiere is far from complimentary. Kristin Kreuk plays the role of a supposedly “badass homicide detective” by the name of Catherine Chandler. Unfortunately, all those badass vibes rapidly disappear “the minute she ran screaming after the Beast through the subway tunnels.” It’s not looking good for her character: “If that doesn’t shout damsel in distress, I don’t know what does.” Plus the whole ‘”hot, petite, beautifully coiffed women detective” look they’ve gone for might start to grate after a little while.

The big problem though, seems to be the lack of on-screen chemistry between Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan, who plays Vincent. The EW review surmises “Here’s the real problem: I could forgive almost anything as long as I felt a connection between the main characters, but here? Zip, zilch, zero, nada. Making moon eyes at one another isn’t the same as being in love.” It won’t come as much of a surprise to see a ratings dip for the show next week, unfortunately. Turns out this latest crime drama is more of a beast than a beauty.