As if you needed another reason to love Krysten Ritter, not only is she super-inspiring for her superhero role in Marvel's 'Jessica Jones' series, but now she's making it big on the knitwear scene. Grandma's favourite pastime has literally never been more cool.

Krysten Ritter at the premiere of 'Jessica Jones' season 2Krysten Ritter at the premiere of 'Jessica Jones' season 2

The 36-year-old Netflix star hit a huge career landmark for all avid knitters when she appeared on the cover of Vogue Knitting earlier this year (we didn't know that was a thing either). She confessed in an accompanying article that it's one of her favourite things to do - in fact, she finds herself with an urge to knit most of the time.

'This is a big deal for me', she revealed on Stephen Colbert when he brought out her Vogue cover. 'In the knitting community, this is like as high as it gets.'

Krysten even has her own range of knitting kits with a company called We Are Knitters; an excellent choice of collaboration given its devotion to sustainability, using 100% Peruvian wool and 100% beechwood needles in their kits.

'Our collaboration came together very organically because I actually use and love all their yarn and I starting posting my projects and tagging them on social media', she revealed in an interview with Mollie Makes last year. 

The actress even tried to teach Stephen Colbert how to knit when she appeared on his show this month, to no avail. She never took knitting classes herself, and simply picked it up from her grandmother at a young age.

'My grammy taught me when I was a little girl, and I know she would be so proud of my Vogue cover', she said. 'I'm making knitting cool. I'm in a couture runway dress knitting on national TV. This is pretty cool.'

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It would be even cooler if they had Jessica Jones knitting sweaters in between saving the world. We can but hope.