Singer KT Tunstall has been left homeless after selling her mansion following the collapse of her marriage.

The Scottish star split from husband Luke Bullen last year (12) four years after their wedding, and her divorce was approved by a court judge in London last week (ends24May13).

She vowed to make huge changes in her life following the marriage breakdown and the death of her adoptive father just weeks earlier - so she sold her luxury home and her car, and now has nowhere to live.

Tunstall tells British magazine Event, "I felt like the biggest rock 'n' roll cliche. I had everything I wanted - money in the bank, a career, a marriage, a house - and I wasn't happy. And now I don't have a lot of those things. All my big possessions are gone. I don't have a house, or a car, I'm not sure where I'm going to live... (But) I'm not scared any more. I'm not anxious about always doing the right thing."