Scottish singer KT Tunstall has been left with permanent hearing damage after attending a Spice Girls gig in 2008.
The singer-songwriter was struck down with tinnitus after a night out watching the reformed girl group and has now opened up about how the condition has affected her life.
Tunstall admits she was terrified when the tinnitus first set in and she struggled to perform on stage.
She says, "It was awful when it first happened to me, very hard to accept and really frightening. It started after I'd gone to a Spice Girls concert and got great seats but unfortunately they were also pretty close to the huge speakers. After that evening I had this incessant high pitched whine in my left ear.
"I didn't know what it was and at first just hoped it would go away, but it didn't and it started to drive me mad. It got very bad at one point in those early months and I was struggling on stage because it really affected my hearing certain tones, it can affect the top frequency of that ear's hearing when it's very loud."
Tunstall's condition has prompted her to back a celebrity charity campaign called Hear The World, which aims to raise awareness of hearing loss.