Yoga teacher-turned-character actor Kumar Pallana has died, aged 94.

The Indian-born star arrived in America in 1946 and embarked on a Hollywood career, portraying "different sorts of Indians" in films like Broken Arrow and Viva Zapata, opposite Marlon Brando, but he is perhaps best known for his roles in several Wes Anderson movies, beginning with Bottle Rocket in 1996.

He also appeared in Steven Spielberg's The Terminal, opposite Tom Hanks.

Pallana was set to be the subject of USA Film Festival tribute in Texas on 7 November (13) - that will now serve as a memorial.

In his adopted Dallas, Texas, he was also a well-regarded yoga teacher, who helped clients unwind and relax at the Cosmic Cup studios.

He passed away on Thursday (10Oct13).

Paying tribute to his acting pal during an appearance on U.S. late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Owen Wilson said, "He was in all these movies with us, beginning with Bottle Rocket, and I met him in Dallas when we were just beginning. He was just a great guy and had a great life and was performing right to the very end and we're gonna miss him a lot."