Kurt Russell was so impressed with child actress Dakota Fanning when he worked with her on their new movie DREAMER he bought her an expensive parting gift - a horse.

Fanning, 11, fell in love with the animals after starring in the equestrian-themed movie, and during production she informed her screen father Russell that she wanted a horse of her own.

She also told him that she'd name her horse Goldie, after Russell's longtime partner Goldie Hawn.

At the movie's wrap party, Fanning received a stuffed horse from Russell with a note that said, "The real thing is coming soon."

A month later, she received a palomino called Goldie, which is now stabled in Malibu, California, and ridden by Fanning, her sister ELLE and their friends as often as possible.

Russell has said of Fanning, "I guarantee you, she is the best actress I will work with in my entire career."