Kylie Jenner's family appear to have poked fun at the outrage she inadvertently caused when, in one of her Snapchat videos, she sounded like she was admitting to being high. In a video, which has poor sound quality, Kylie eats a piece of fried chicken and closes her eyes in delight before seemingly saying "F**k, I'm high".

Kylie JennerKylie Jenner's family appear to have made fun of the outrage caused by the 17-year-old's Snapchat.

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A few days after seeing the comments and articles about her alleged comment, Jenner responded via Twitter and denied any wrongdoing. Jenner claimed commentators had misheard what she had said and she was in fact praising fried chicken!

"I did a snapchat saying my chicken was "good as f*ck" eating Popeyes for the 1st time and apparently people think I said high as f*ck," Jenner wrote. "I DID NOT say that. Sorry to disappoint everyone who thinks I'm this wild child."

that's just how we do it ????????

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Members of her family, including her elder sister Khloe Kardashian and mother Kris Jenner, seemingly poked fun at the outrage by taking some pictures in which they all enjoy fried chicken. The food Jenner was eating in the controversial video.

Kylie and Khloe shared two different pictures on Instagram which happen to include chicken. 17-year-old Kylie shared a picture of herself, carrying a bag of Popeyes friend chicken, and Khloe boarding a plane. A second picture, posted on Khloe's account, showed Khloe, Kylie, Kris and two of their staff posing with pieces of chicken. 

Popeyes and PJs!!!!!!

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However, not all of the Kardashian-Jenner family's fans have been happy about their eating habits. According to reports on E!, Khloe was accused by some of her fans of 'trying to be black' as she was eating fried chicken. For people who are blissfully aware of this stereotype, black people are supposed to particularly enjoy eating fried chicken.

Fortunately, Khloe responded directly to Twitter and Instagram trolls and called them up for referring to this racial stereotype.

"How is any one 'trying to be black' because they are eating food?" Khloe wrote on twitter. "I wasn't aware that food was limited to a certain skin colour... I thought food was not specific to skin colour but to humans in general."

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