Kylie Jenner thought Kim Kardashian West's dyed blonde hair ''looked cool''.

The 17-year-old star - who's the half-sister of Kim - has revealed the reality TV beauty consulted her family before deciding to dye her hair, and Kylie thought her striking looks really suited her.

She shared: ''Before Kim dyed her hair blonde, she sent a text to us all asking if she should do it.

''She has such a perfect face, so I love it when she gets creative. I thought it looked cool.''

Kylie and Kim are often compared to each other because of their physical similarities, but Kylie says she doesn't trust her to look-after her 22-month-old daughter North.

She told the UK's Grazia magazine: ''Kim doesn't trust me like that.''

Meanwhile, Kylie recently claimed that her half-sister Khloe Kardashian is ''more of a mum'' to her than Kris Jenner.

She explained: ''I'm closest to Kendall. I spent every second with her growing up. After that it's probably Khloe. We like the same things.

''Khloe is more of a mum to me than my mum is sometimes. It was dad who was pretty strict when I was younger. My mum is all about being friends.''