Tattoo fanatics everywhere know of the dangers of getting a partner's name tattooed on themselves, so it's a good thing Kylie Jenner opted for something that could easily be altered for her ex-boyfriend Tyga. The same can't be said for him, however.

Kylie Jenner at the Met GalaKylie Jenner at the Met Gala

Kylie has been broken up with Tyga for a few months now and she has got her tiny cursive 't' tattoo on her ankle changed to instead read 'la'. She certainly hasn't learned her lesson about dedicatory ink though, because she's already gone and got a matching tats with her new boyfriend Travis Scott who is a rapper from Texas.

Again, she's only gone for miniscule body art, with a teeny tiny butterfly on the back of her right leg with Travis getting the same on the back of his left leg according to Kylie's Snapchat post from June. Some fans are saying it's a reference to Travis' song 'Butterfly Effect'. Of course, if you were going to get matching tats or names for a boyfriend or girlfriend, having something so small it can easily be covered or removed is a sensible idea.

That wasn't something that Tyga took on board though. He got 'Kylie' inked onto the inside of his right arm and it was definitely a lot larger than what Kylie decided on. It's not clear whether or not he has had it covered yet, but it will certainly be a trickier job than Kylie's.

We hope Kylie's penchant for getting tribute tattoos doesn't jinx her new relationship. She was spotted in London recently with Travis, apparently having been together since April when they went to Coachella Music Festival together.

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'They are spending a lot of time together. They're serious', a source told Us Weekly. 'She's really into him and has known him for a long time. Her family really likes him.'