Kylie Minogue has come under fire from her own fanbase, after many of her Instagram followers spotted what looked like a spectacular Photoshop fail she posted earlier this week.

To make matters worse, the offending technique had to do with her famous posterior. The Australian pop star, 49, posted an image of herself on Wednesday (October 4th) wearing a T-shirt, and high-waisted bikini bottoms, with a cup of coffee and bending over what looks like a counter or a balcony.

The image was intended as a teaser for Kylie’s 2018 calendar, with the star writing “#Lovers, you can pre-order your 2018 #KylieCalendar now!” However, it ended up attracting publicity for the wrong reasons, as an apparent bend in the wall just above Kylie’s bottom prompted fans to speculate that there was digital deception afoot.

“Kylie, the cover’s awful photoshop shows :/ please fix that,” one fan wrote underneath the image, while another posted “Why is the wall curved?”.

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Fans with long memories might recall that Minogue has been at the centre of a similar controversy, when in 2012 Elle magazine published a front cover that was missing Kylie’s foot. Granted, that was a much more egregious example of photoshop failing than this.

But, in this case, one fan offered up an explanation for the wall’s curved shape and leapt to Kylie’s defence, claiming: “It’s not a wall it’s a wooden post with a chamfer”.

However, many other fans who seemed to be unaware of the controversy, said complimentary things like “Stunning” and “Beautiful cover picture, looking forward to seeing all the pictures of all the months”.

Kylie is currently believed to be prepraring work on her 14th studio album, which still has a scheduled release for the end of 2017.

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