A banned video of Kylie Minogue has won a top award.

The raunchy clip of the pop star - riding a bucking bronco in stockings and suspenders for British underwear firm Agent Provocateur - has been named the Best Ever Celebrity Viral Ad after netting over 350 million hits on video sharing website YouTube.

The staggering number of hits for the 90 second clip, titled 'Proof', was over 300 million more than the second placed clip, featuring soccer star Ronaldinho.

Earlier this year, the 2001 clip - which was deemed too sexy to show on television - was voted the world's top cinema advert.

Kylie was not the only Australian star to make the list, which was compiled by online content distributor GoViral.

Nicole Kidman's three-minute Chanel No. 5 advert - which cost $42 million to make in 2004 and sees the actress running breathless through a cityscape covered in billboards bearing her image - came in 8th place on the list.

Sports stars also featured prominently in the list, with clips from golfer Tiger Woods and basketball player Kobe Bryant also making the list.

US President Barack Obama's 'Yes We Can' song, featuring famous faces including will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas and Scarlett Johansson came in third place with 30 million hits.

Rounding off the list in 10th place was an internet-exclusive commercial for Apple Mac.

The special advert featured teenager Ellen Feiss, who became a star following her appearances in a series of advertisements for the company in 2002.

Top 10 Best Ever Celebrity Viral Ad according to GoViral:

1. Agent Provocateur - Kylie Minogue

2. Nike Crossbar Challenge - Ronaldinho

3. Yes We Can - Obama Song

4. Nike Car Jump - Kobe Bryant

5. T-Mobile Life's for Sharing - Pink

6. "I'm f***ing Matt Damon" - Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon

7. EA Games - Tiger Woods

8. Chanel No.5 - Nicole Kidman

9. Samsung - Ozzy Osbourne

10. Apple Mac - Ellen Feiss