Kylie Minogue thinks that being on the move keeps her young.

The 53-year-old pop superstar admitted when asked about ageing gracefully that although there are "lots of secrets", the key to her youthful appearance is to "just keep moving."

She said: "Just keep moving! Haha! No, if only it were that easy. There are lots of secrets, let’s call them ‘tricks of the trade’ and I’ve learnt many of them along the way. Good glam, lights, good team, good angles and styling."

Kylie then explained that while still feels the same as when she donned her iconic gold hot pants for her 2000 smash hit 'Spinning Around', some of herself fits with the current image portrayed on her latest album Disco, but the acclaimed singer admitted she tries not to feel "overwhelmed by pressure to be 'forever youthful'."

She told Indulge Express: "It’s smoke and mirrors but I do try to take good care of myself too. Some of me is still quite ‘Spinning Around 2000’ but obviously some of me is very much now ‘Disco 2021.’ I try not to be overwhelmed by pressure to be ‘forever youthful.’ I feel I have pretty much the same enthusiasm for life and for the job, if not more!"

When it comes to her fashion inspiration, the 'Real Groove' hitmaker cited Coco Chanel's "style rule" before adding that her ultimate fashion mantra is just to "be you."

She said: "I would like to poach Coco Chanel’s style rule: Before you leave the house, take one thing off. But my fashion mantra is to dress to be you. Dress the way you feel good. I will go to the nth degree to make a show outfit work. It’s complicated, un-comfortable, even dangerous sometimes, but then there’s the pay off. On the flip side — comfies back at home!"